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Mother Makes Over $13,000 Selling Breast Milk To Bodybuilders

The term “liquid gold” may apply to a number of different things. Many fluids may be described in this manner. Mila De’brito is a mom who lives in the United Kingdom and has a new sense of what it means. This time, it’s breast milk that’s in the spotlight.

De’brito recently revealed that she earned $13,522 by selling breast milk to bodybuilders. This was disclosed in a TikTok video in which De’brito is shown holding a bag of her own breast milk. She was referring to it as “liquid gold” right there.

Breast milk ingredients may help in the formation of muscle bulk, according to a long-held weightlifting belief.

So it’s not surprising that people who are curious about the process or have strong opinions about it have left comments beneath the video.

One person wrote, “Fair play!” in response to the situation. “I’m sure I would if I could make enough milk but couldn’t do it for more than two weeks.”

One individual hailed the method as “genius.” A third woman claims that she is unable to acquire enough milk in a bottle to feed her kid. She said, “Never mind,” and encouraged her to simply sell it, adding, she is jealous.

However, there were also people who didn’t like this approach. They expressed their dissatisfaction with it and stated that the milk would be better served by being donated rather than sold instead. It was at this point that another commenter stepped in to help Mila De’brito.

This was remarked by the commentator for everyone who was complaining over money. Donations are only accepted up to a particular point following a pregnancy, according to the individual. After then, the milk quality begins to decrease, although it is still sellable.

Many bodybuilders have spoken out about the health advantages of breast milk. When it comes to nutrition, there are several advantages. Breast milk has a lower protein content than ordinary cow’s milk. However, this isn’t the only element that is considered. Breast milk has higher levels of cholesterol and fat, as well as more calories in general. This is one of the reasons why bodybuilders feel it would be beneficial.

In their training, bodybuilders strive to achieve the greatest amount of muscular mass possible. Breast milk is one of the most effective ways to do this.

This isn’t the first time mothers has made money by selling breast milk.

As a result of her efforts in this sector, De’brito has amassed a substantial financial fortune, which she expects will continue in the future.

Athletes might adjust the amount of milk they consume from skim to whole, based on their specific goals at the moment. The advantages of breast milk are many, as we’ve recently discovered. The fact that it may earn a mom this much money has attracted a lot of interest from other people as well.

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