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Weird Confessions From Morticians That Will Creep You Out

Experiencing sorrow and grief following a loss is normal. Although it is normal, that does not make it any less difficult for anybody of us to deal with it. And dealing with the death of a close family member or friend may be one of the most difficult challenges that many of us will encounter in our lives.

Nevertheless, this is a moment for families to band together and assist one another. The funeral homes handle all of the difficult tasks so that we don’t have to. Despite the fact that their job is very crucial, they are not sufficiently valued. They must clean the body and be made to seem ‘normal’ rather than blue and decaying.

We at Viraltrendzs have put together an incredible collection of shocking and weird confessions from morticians that will steal your breath away.

#1 Buried with a poodle

Upon the demise, a kindly old woman had requested that she be buried with her beloved pet poodle. The dog was put down and cremated, with the ashes being placed in her coffin.

#2 Funeral with NSYNC Music

Funeral with NSYNC Music
image credits : Dan Callister

NSYNC was the only music played at one mortician’s funeral service. At the request of the family, they had played “Bye Bye Bye” while the coffin was lowered into the earth. (Source)

#3 Grave Jumpers

An experienced female funeral director says that coffin jumpers are a genuine occurrence. They’re uncommon, but they do occur. In his ten years of employment, she had seen two of them. Additionally, she has observed fist fights. Despite the fact that she was eight months pregnant, she had gotten herself into the center of a massive shouting battle in order to break it up.

#4 Fishing Jacket

When the Queen’s personal secretary’s mother died the mortician who handled the funeral arrangements had been instructed to bury the corpse in a fishing jacket. When he received the request, he questioned as to whether she had ever gone fishing before her death. Unfortunately, the answer had been negative.

#5 Starving for some ribs

In the words of one mortician, it was the first time he had embalmed a person who had had an autopsy. While working on the body, the team had applied paraformaldehyde, which the senior embalmer described as being similar to rub on meat. It had prompted him to reflect on the fact that he hadn’t eaten ribs in a very long time.

He’d gotten ribs for supper that night. However, he had been unable to keep his thoughts away from the autopsy during the whole time. He no longer eats ribs. On the other hand, he hadn’t been a big meat eater anyhow. However, as a result of the encounter, he avoids it even more.

#6 Sliding the casket in

Caskets have a hefty price tag. Cemeteries demand absurdly high fees for digging and filling up a grave. Mortician says that the worst-case scenario occurs when you are entombed. And the cemetery is literally simply opening a door to allow the casket to be lowered into place.

#7 Six Feet Under

Another mortician said that people anticipate him to be a [Six Feet Under] elitist. He, on the other hand, believes it was quite nicely done. He claims that one of his coworkers was one of the show’s mortician consultants. And as a result, they are really concerned with getting the death aspects perfect.

#8 Dumping the remains in

According to one mortician, he has heard of persons who have hopped fences at nighttime, dug a hole, and dumped cremains into the hole. It is not an uncommon occurrence.

#9 Process of embalming

Yet another person claimed to have seen two instances of exhumation. One was laid to rest in 1989 and exhumed in 2015. He said that the body was in remarkable excellent condition and must have been thoroughly embalmed. And his face and body were still covered in make-up. However, his limbs had been reduced to a skeleton by the time he arrived.

#10 Bodies that are reacting

According to another mortician, he often assures his family that they would do their best. However, he never guarantees any outcomes until he is far into the procedure. According to him, a lot of things might go wrong during embalming, and occasionally the body doesn’t respond as expected.

#11 Sexist industry

According to a female mortician, the sector is horribly stagnant. It’s no secret that the funeral business is obstinate as well. Furthermore, she claims that they dislike hiring women. The business is dominated by men, and they want it to stay that way. Despite the fact that she had graduated first in her class and had an impressive résumé, she had been passed up for a man who had graduated very last.

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