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Mongolian Eagle Hunters’ Lives Captured On Camera

Mongolian eagle hunting extends back thousands of years. This style of hunting is passed down from father to son. The eagle hunter must catch his own eagle while it is young. Normally, they do this from a high cliff or fissure in a mountain. From an early age, the hunter prepares the eagle to prey. The hunter frequently sings to the bird and converses with it. Its owner is the only one who can nurture it, resulting in a close attachment among them. The hunter keeps the bird for around ten years before releasing it into the wild. Hunters frequently express their affection for birds as if they were their own kids, and depend on them to hunt animals to eat and fur.

During a trip to the Alta area in Western Mongolia, a 26-year-old German photographer Leo Thomas had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of these Mongolian eagle hunters. He took some beautiful photographs of them there. So, in this article, we at Viraltrendzs thought we’d share some of Leo’s incredible photographs with you.

More info & Photo courtesy: Leo Thomas | Instagram

#1 Traditional Mongolian Eagle Hunters’ Lives

Traditional Mongolian Eagle Hunters' Lives
image credits: Mymodernmets

In Western Mongolia’s Alta area, there are roughly about 300 eagle hunters surviving. The majority of them are men. Leo got the opportunity to meet one of the remaining ten female hunters. “Zamanbol” is her name. Zamanbol is a student. On the weekends, she spends time with her 26-year-old brother “Barzabi” training her eagle. They are members of the “Kazakh Nomad” clan.

#2 The Young Female Eagle Hunter “Zambol”

image credits: Mymodernmets

Leo spends much of his leisure time in front of the screen. Nonetheless, this young man enjoys himself with his loved ones and surroundings. When you look at these photos taken by Leo, you’ll see that the lives of these eagle hunters are much different from our own. Check out Leo’s Instagram for some more of his works.


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets


image credits: Mymodernmets
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