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Mom uses a breast milk facemask to cure her new baby’s ‘Acne.’

Mum Lihn Ta showed how she prepared a sheet facemask with her breast milk for her newborn kid in a TikTok video.

Since she posted it, ahlingaling’s video has been liked over half a million times and reposted over 8,000 times.

“When your baby has acne and you make a breast milk mask for him,” the caption says.

She lays a clean, dry facemask sheet in a bowl of breastmilk in the video.

image courtesy : ahlingaling

Lihn just lays the sheet over her baby’s face after it has received the breast milk.

She keeps it on to absorb into the baby’s skin, as she does with other facemasks, in the hopes that it would help ease his newborn acne.

“I built the mask solely out of boredom and just to have a little fun,” she said beneath the video. “I’m a first-time mom so I’m learning things as I go.”

Many readers felt it was a sweet way for mummy and baby to interact, and they reassured the mother about her acne.

“But the acne will disappear, it’s simply your hormones leaving their body, it’s not like ‘our’ acne,” one person remarked.

“Um, my heart is screaming this is too sweet. Not me, I’m going to tear up a dry wipe and do this on my 9-week-old,” another commented.

“Your babe is going to LOVE these pics when they are like 16 years old haha,” a third person remarked.

Baby with the breast milk face mask

“I need a before and after? Define acne or is it a rashcne lol, looks like acne but is a rash, I just made that word up!” wrote one user.

Lihn reacted in a different video, saying that the redness did subside but that he didn’t have a clear before and after photo to share.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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