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Mom Transforms Her Baby And Hubby Into Zombies For A Scary Halloween Photoshoot.

Family photoshoots highlight a special moment with the ones you love the most. They are priceless memories. Tiffany Renfroe’s family really made the best of their experience in 2019. Tiffany staged a daddy-daughter Halloween photoshoot that sounds like a moment from The Walking Dead for her man and their sweet bundle of joy. It wonderfully encapsulated their deep relationship. This scary zombie-themed Halloween photoshoot twisted our minds at Viraltrendzs, and we’d like to share it with you!

In an interview with Bored Panda Tiffany stated that both she and her hubby Daniel are sardonic individuals. She also said that life is way too short to consider matters seriously. Just like for every other parent, their children are their world. Since they are busy parents, they just want to do things with their children and give them memories than gifts or money.

According to Tiffany, their daughter Kaiden and [Daniel] have been watching The Walking Dead and had been counting down the days until the new season. She also stated that her children like watching classic horror films.

More info: Tiffany Renfroe | Tifflynn Photography

Tiffany often reminds her children that the people they see on television are not real. Though she didn’t want her kids to watch scary movies because they’d be scared, but they aren’t.

Tiffany explains, “They sit there pointing out different creative items and giggling at the crazy props, makeup, and outfits utilized in the old masterpieces!” 

“It wasn’t hurting them or scaring them, so whatever. It is us. My children are nice and kind, they perform well in school, they are peaceful, and they love others, and that is all that counts to us as parents.”

The photographer described how she came along with the concept for this terrifying halloween photoshoot.

“So I brought Oakley, the baby girl, to see family in Oregon, my home state, who had not yet met her. My closest buddy photographed her and me for a mommy-daughter shoot while we were there. After I arrived home, my hubby stated in the cutest way, ‘I didn’t get any daddy and daughter shoot.’ So my thoughts wandered,” the photographer explained.

“In the interim, I’d been featured in several horror-themed photos, which were said to be exactly right up my street. Daniel is tagged in each and every Michael Myers video on the internet since he is always acting funny while wearing his mask. I expected something special, something one-of-a-kind.”

After several beers, Tiffany had an idea. “I’d make a zombie shoot by combining Daniel’s and Kaiden’s favorite concepts.”

I intentionally included the Michael Myers reference since I figured it would excite Daniel. So it took me almost a week to put it all up, including ideas and a place (we traveled around there for days in our side by side looking for places) that the kids usually enjoy!”

“On the day of the event, Kaiden and I began by doing Daniel’s makeup first; he sat against the wall close to Oakley’s toys, and we thought she will just play while we worked. But she was really up in our stuff, like a nosy 11-month-old!” the photographer joked.

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