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Mom-to-Be And Rescued Stray Mama Cat Give Birth At The Same Time

A family’s most joyous moment is when they are expecting a new member into their family. Furthermore, it becomes much more fantastic when the experience can be shared with somebody else. Lauren Maners’ husband was at her side throughout her years as a mother, a loving wife, and a lover of life. In addition, she developed a strong attachment to a loving little furry friend. She is Dove, who was also a mom-to-be at the time. We at Viraltrendzs are certain that this story will move you to tears, and we wanted to share it with you!

More info & image courtesy : mama.maners / Instagram

#1 Animals have always had a special place in Lauren’s heart.

Animals have always had a special place in Lauren's heart.

When it comes to saving animals, Maners has an extensive history. However, as she neared the conclusion of her pregnancy, she made the decision to take a pause so that she could concentrate on caring for her baby completely.. Nonetheless, on the day she decided to take a vacation from fostering, for the time being, she came across a wounded cat on the road. Then she realized she had to assist her. When Maners and her husband went to check on the cat, they realized that it was also pregnant. There was something about the cat that made her feel at ease. It was then that she decided to take her to the veterinarians.

#2  Lauren and her husband couldn’t wait to meet their new baby girl, Kylie.

#2  Lauren and her husband couldn't wait to meet their new baby girl, Kylie.

The couple brought the cat back to their house when it had recovered from its condition. Dove became her new given name, and she was soon settled. While seeking to track down the cat’s original owners, Maners realized that she had become a stray. Also, she learned that the creature had been feeding out of a local cafe’s trash can for the last year. As a result, Maners opted to foster Dove, and the two expectant mothers-to-be became closer as they approached the last few weeks of their pregnancies. As Maners said, she and Dove had formed an immediate connection.


When Maners arrived at the hospital to deliver her baby girl Kylie, she discovered that Dove had already given birth to her own fluff balls. The gorgeous kitty gave birth to six darling kittens. Maners speculates that they could have been born at the very same time.


Kylie grew up with the kittens, gaining an ever-increasing understanding of her surroundings. According to Maners, her daughter first became aware of the kittens when she was five weeks old. That’s when Maners took Kylie along with her to the kittens, where they fed them and provided them with some care. Similarly, the kittens were fascinated by Kylie’s presence.


For a number of months, Maners and her husband very much enjoyed passing time with their extended furry family. And then they made the difficult but necessary choice to find new homes for the cats. Currently, Dove is staying with a close friend of Lauren. And the kittens were put up for adoption in the neighborhood due to the fact that their loved ones may visit them at any time.  Kylie will surely become a lifetime cat lover as a result of this experience!


#7 While Maners was delivering Kylie at the hospital…

While Maners was delivering Kylie at the hospital…


#9 Cat mom Dove just gave birth to six gorgeous kittens!




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