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Modern Family Star Eric Stonestreet Engaged As A New Fiancee, Shows Off The Huge Ring.

Modern family comedian Eric Stonestreet has announced that he is engaged.

The 49-year-old actor, who played Cam on Sitcom, went on social media and shared a selection of photos. Revealing that he had posed the question to Lindsay Schweitzer. And, he joked that she did not say “yes” without letting his funny character fall. With three photos showing the intriguing ring, Eric told his 2.2 million Instagram followers. “She said, ‘Call my men to her people.’

The pictures glow with joy while holding Lindsay’s beautiful elliptical ring. And Eric draws a few silly faces to mark the happy occasion. He pretends to be extremely nervous about the announcement, and in another, he roars with excitement. Especially, famous friends and followers went to the comments section of the post to offer their congratulations.

Before adding a series of heart emojis, Crowner Michael Bubble wrote, “Congratulations on a beautiful couple.” And Hot Persight star Manolo Gonzalez Vergara commented. “Congratulations !!!!” Cosmetic businessman Bobby Brown even slipped his hand in mocking her part on the wedding day. “I’ll be there to prepare the bride and the groom.”

According to people, Eric and Lindsay, a child nurse, fell in love in the summer of 2016 after meeting at a charity. In September 2017, the star revealed his relationship during a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres.

And also, Ellen joked that it would be nice to have Lindsay nurse, whom Eric called “hypochondriac.” Twice Amy replied as the winner: “I’m a big baby too!”

He added: “She calms me. She calms my nerves! I’m a very high-strung person.” He previously announced in a conversation with Ellen that he was lucky enough to date with apps. “Now that I’m bumbled, I’ve tried this other, how to justify it, Ellen, because I’m on TV, I should not be deterred from participating in what’s happening in the world,” He shared in 2016.

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