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Model Was Banned From Twitter For Being ‘Too Hot.’

We Viraltrendzs, have brought an unusual incident regarding a model getting banned from twitter for being too hot. She says that jealous users in twitter have reported her for being hotter and more beautiful than them.

Is it fair for the Model to get banned? Let’s see.

image credits: @whitneypaige.tv

We have heard, normally users get banned from social media platforms for harsh comments and harassments, but this woman says that she got reported from many users for being ‘too hot’.

Whitney Page Venable was a member of the social media networking site for almost eight years, her account was banned in November 2020.

Whitney Paige, a 26-year-old model from Florida with 1.6 million Instagram followers (@whitneypaige.tv), claims she was “shocked” and feels “discriminated against” for her beauty.

She said when speaking to Jam Press, that she was only using twitter to add comments regarding TV shows and to share her pictures from her Instagram account.

She explains the moment when her account for banned as, “Once, I changed my cover photo to a very decent photo of me showing off my figure wearing an underwear, and right after uploading it my account suddenly got banned.”

Model whitneypaige
image credits: @whitneypaige.tv

She continued, “It really made me feel discriminated because there are worse photos of me on twitter. Some looks like actual p***. I’m pretty much sure that if the photo isn’t that hot the account will be still active.”

“I believe Twitter deactivated my account because I’m too gorgeous, and jealous others who aren’t as gorgeous complained or said I was encouraging sexual activities. And it’s really unfair.”

Model whitneypaige
image credits: @whitneypaige.tv

The model claims that she tried to contact Twitter regarding the incident but was unable to speak to them.

Then after that she tried to get back herself with a new account but unfortunately her IP address was blocked so she had to start off with a new phone.

She also said, “I’m so much worried because I almost had 100,000 followers on Twitter and I was banned for nothing.”

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