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Model Mary Magdalene is on a mission to have the “World’s Fattest Vagina.”

A model who is addicted to plastic surgery and on a goal to become the ‘world’s fattest vagina’ has shared a photo of herself before the fillers and surgeries.

The 24-year-old Canadian, who goes by the online name Mary Magdalene, has used 3000cc expanders to attain XL cleavage and gets fillers on a daily basis to maintain her “blow-up doll” appearance.

Mary uploaded a photo of herself as a youngster on her Instagram account, demonstrating that she was once a regular girl.

The woman could be seen as a kid in the first photo, which was uploaded before she had any work done.

Her lips were considerably thinner, and she was dressed sweetly in a lovely little frock with a pretty collar.

Mary, a plastic surgery addict, seemed to be a completely different person when she was a little child.
(Image credits : xomarym/Instagram)

She smiled charmingly while standing among a throng of youngsters singing on a stage, clutching what looked to be a doll.

In the second shot, a much younger Mary with blonde hair posed for a portrait with three boys in front of a toy castle.

The little girl was dressed in a pink blouse with white bunny bunnies on it and her hair was tied up with a pink bow.

“Throwback Sunday,” Mary wrote in the description accompanying the photos.

(Image credits : xomarym/Instagram)

The model has previously expressed her desire for “an open mouth that never shuts” and lips that reach the tip of her nose.

She’s also on a quest for the “fattest vagina in the world,” so she’s been receiving injections “down there.”

Mary may frequently be seen bouncing up and down to show off her massive boobs and bottom.

She also frequently films herself in quiet, posing for the camera and displaying her curvaceous form from various perspectives.

(Image credits : xomarym/Instagram)

The model was recently seen dancing in what seemed to be a shopping center while wearing a shirt that failed miserably to conceal her massive endowments.

It comes at a time when other cosmetic surgery aficionados have been busy improving their appearances as well.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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