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Model Goes Braless For A ‘Business Meeting’ Attire That Shows Off Her Curves.

Everyone has their own opinion of how they should dress in a business meeting.

While some like a more formal appearance, others prefer a more casual one.

Anllela Sagra, a model and fitness influencer, went full-on sex kitten for her most recent “work meeting” outfit.

The Colombian beauty shared a scorching video of herself wearing the flesh-flashing attire on her Instagram account.

image courtesy : anllela_sagra

Model goes braless for a 'business meeting' attire that shows off her curves.

Anllela was spotted wearing a leather shirt with the top button undone, displaying her braless boobs.

She wore it with a similar short skirt that didn’t conceal her entire figure.

Her beautiful, brown tresses were softly tousled, and she was wearing radiant makeup.

Meanwhile, she completed her look with a pair of gold hoop earrings.

In the video, Anllela was initially seen seated on a sofa, giving the camera a seductive smile.

She then teasingly adjusted her top, revealing more of her breast and washboard stomach to the audience.

Anllela then bit her lower lip and rearranged her skirt, showing viewers a cheeky peek of her underwear.

Model goes braless for a 'business meeting' attire that shows off her curves.

She captioned the photo as follows:  “Ootd. Business meeting today?”

Her 13.3 million followers adored the post, which received over 233,000 likes.

One person shouted, “Oh my goodness. After this, I’m guessing business meetings will never be the same.”

“Please wear every day,” one person urged.

“Geesh, I couldn’t get away with wearing that,” a third commented.

Anllela is also recognized for her fitness postings, which are frequently heart-racing.

“You look very hot,” one person said, while another added, “Great view.”

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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