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Miniature Alien Mummy Mysteries Solved

The mysterious case of the miniature alien mummy has finally been solved. In Chile’s Atacama Desert, a guy searching for tokens and historical treasures discovered a weird skeleton wrapped in a bag tied with a violet ribbon. While the creature’s bones resembled a human, its anatomy differed.

Following its discovery, the Atacama mummies have been the subject of wild stories and conjecture, with many speculating that the skeleton may be alien. So, what is the real story behind this little, strange skeleton?

but maybe you left your chimney flue open or didn't notice a hole in a window screen, and now there's a miniature alien spaceship
Image Courtesy: Emery Smith

It possessed sharp teeth, a tall skull with a strange protrusion on top, big eye sockets, and only ten ribs instead of 12. Also, the prematurely ossified growth plates indicated a creature older than its size at death.

The individual who discovered Ata’s naturally mummified bones sold them for roughly $64. (30,000 pesos). The mummy turned up in the private collection of Ramón Navia-Osorio. After that, Ata vanished from public view until 2012, when a retired physician and UFO enthusiast called Steven Greer was permitted to study the bones for his documentary Sirius.

Garry P. Nolan, head of the Proteomics Center for Systems Immunology at Stanford University, saw the video and contacted the production team. After Greer gave him bone marrow samples, Nolan decided that Ata’s genetic makeup came from humans, not aliens.

Nolan’s research discovered that Ata was a female who was closely linked to the local people.

The Mysterious Case of the Miniature Alien Mummy Has Finally Been Solved
Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

After recreating Ata’s DNA, scientists discovered she lived just a few decades ago and had some European heritage. Her mitochondrial DNA also shows her mother was from Chile, on South America’s west coast.

Whole-genome sequencing revealed 54 abnormalities in Ata’s DNA, which might explain her short height, lack of ribs, and old bones. Ata’s DNA mutations have been associated with skeletal dysplasia, rib abnormalities, and dwarfism. The analysis also implies Ata was born prematurely based on her size and mutation severity.

Because scientists don’t know Ata’s near ancestors, it’s challenging to determine which genetic abnormalities created her look. Also, they could see which of Ata’s mutations were present in her parents if they obtained their DNA.

Genetic anomalies, not extraterrestrial DNA. While the scientists found no evidence of miniature alien DNA, they did find mutations
Image Courtesy: Emery Smith

Garry Nolan believes someone cared for Ata, as shown by how she was placed to rest, lying on the ground, covered in a leather bag.

While it is astonishing how much information DNA can hold, additional study is required to discover Ata’s specific origins. After proving her origins were not alien, her bones should be reburied – this time for good.

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