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15 Mind Blowing Facts About the Ocean. Simply Amazing!

A majority of the planet is covered by the ocean as we all know. The climate catastrophe has reinvigorated our respect for our planet’s seas and the marine life that dwells under the waves. As well as ocean conservative projects were led by enterprises like TreadRight Foundation. When it comes to mystery and interest, they’re even deeper. And you’re going to be blown away by these little-known facts about the ocean. These 15 mind-blowing facts about the ocean will give answers to your unanswered questions about the deep sea.

breathtaking facts about the ocean

1. The Earth’s surface is covered by 70% of the ocean.

With the ocean covering so much of the Earth’s surface, it’s clear how important these marine areas are to the planet and how much more there is to learn.

2. Aquatic life makes up the vast majority of life on Earth.

majority of life on earth is aquatic

There’s no surprise that aquatic life makes the vast majority of life on earth since 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean. But still, it’s vital that 94% of living species exist in the ocean.

3. Approximately 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored.

only 5% is discovered in the ocean

Only 5% of the planet’s oceans have been discovered by humans according to the Ocean Service. We will be updated with new knowledge regarding the deep sea since the researches are currently in mission to discover the undiscovered.

4. World’s longest mountain chain is inside the deep sea.

The Mid-Ocean Ridge, the world’s longest mountain range, is almost totally submerged beneath the sea, reaching over 65,000 kilometers. This mountain range is said to be less explored than the surface of Venus or Mars.

world's longest mountain chain

5. There are more historic artifacts than in all of the world’s museums combined.

Around 1,000 shipwrecks can be found off the coast of the Florida Keys, some of which are protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Other underwater museums have sprung up in recent years, such as Christ of the Abyss, a submerged bronze monument in the Mediterranean.

6. ocean consists of tons of gold.

gold inside the ocean

And there are around 20 million tons of gold throughout the ocean. According to the National Ocean Service, it is diluted to a pulp and has a concentration of only a few parts per trillion. Studies say that if the gold in the ocean were distributed among individuals, one individual will receive nin pounds of gold.

7. We barely know a small portion of the marine creatures that live in our waters.

There are around 240,470 species in the ocean according to the World Register of Marine Species. With new marine life being discovered every day, this is thought to be only a small fraction of the species that exist.

 marine creatures that live in our waters.

8. More than 70% of the planet’s oxygen is being produced by the ocean.

Marine plants, nearly all of which are marine algae, are considered to create between 70 and 80 percent of the oxygen we breathe.

9. There are rivers and lakes that can be found beneath the ocean.

The resulting of the combination of salt water and hydrogen sulfide becomes denser than the surrounding water, allowing it to create a lake or river beneath the sea.

 rivers and lakes that can be found beneath the ocean.

10. Around half of the United States is submerged underwater.

Around 50% of United States is beneath the ocean. There are predictions for more cities that will be underwater by 2050.

50% of the cities in US will be underwater by 2050

11. The World’s largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean contains around 25,000 islands.

The Pacific Ocean has more islands than any other ocean on the earth, with 25,000 of them.

12. Sharks’ “Underwater café.”

Shark's Underwater café

Scientists identified a location in the remote Pacific Ocean, halfway between Baja California and Hawaii, where typically coastal great white sharks migrate in the winter in 2002. The scientists christened the location of the White Shark Café, and some sharks stay for months before returning to the coast in search of warmer weather.

13. Among all the facts about the ocean, this is vital that the Pacific ocean is wider than the moon.

pacific ocean is wider than the moon

The Pacific Ocean is far larger than the moon. This ocean stretches for 12,300 miles or more than five times the diameter of the moon. That’s mind-blowing!

14. The pressure at the ocean’s bottom would crush you like an ant.

pressure at the ocean's bottom would crush you like an ant

35,802 feet below the surface in Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the planet, the pressure of the water is 8 tons per square inch.

15. There’s an internet connection in the ocean.

internet connection in the ocean

Underwater cables were buried deep within the oceans have transmitted more than 97 percent of intercontinental data traffic during the last few decades, implying that ocean-based cables enable international communication, according to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

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