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Man Transforms Into A Black Alien Through Body Modifications

One guy has spoken up about the terrible abuse he receives because of his extreme body alteration and tattooing. Anthony Loffredo’s goal was to make himself seem more like a ‘Black Alien’. Therefore, he subjected his body to a series of invasive procedures and got a lot of tattoos.

But not everyone is thrilled with the Frenchman’s choices. Anthony then revealed that people have an inclination to pass harsh judgment on others. He asserts that some individuals would go so far as to shout at him as he is walking down the street or will even flee in fear when they see him.

Anthony Loffredo wanted to be a ‘Black Alien.’

Anthony Loffredo wanted to be a 'Black Alien.'
Image credits : the_black_alien_project

According to Anthony, the manner in which he appeared on an episode of the Spanish podcast Club 113 had typically evoked an unusual reaction from listeners.

He admitted that he, like all other people, is a member of the human race. He went on to remark that some people think he’s utterly crazy.

Some people scream, run away, and do a number of other things when they come into touch with him.

There are a lot of photos and videos posted on Anthony’s Instagram account showing what people are saying about his new appearance.

An individual seems to be staring at him wide-eyed in one of the photographs. There were a few people who had stopped eating and were staring at him with their mouths open.

An additional video shows Anthony making his way past a swarm of people on the streets. He was able to catch two ladies speeding up as they passed by him on video.

There is a video of Nana Rosi responding to the Black alien that he has posted online.

Despite this, Anthony stated that he did not enjoy playing with other people. Therefore, he goes out of his way to help people feel more at ease. He believes that not attempting to do so is risky.

Whenever he comes across people while walking down the street at night, he immediately crosses to the opposite side of the street.

The Instagrammer now plans to split his penis.

The Instagrammer plans to split his penis.
Image credits : the_black_alien_project

It’s common for him to switch sides when he comes face-to-face with elderly individuals on the street. He is very attentive when it comes to children. As he admits, he understands how shocking it may be for them.

Anthony has offered a thorough account of his transformation into a “Black Alien” on his Instagram account, which he uses to post photos and videos. Furthermore, it has a passionate fan base of nearly one million individuals.

Most of his body is covered with dark tattoos of various sizes and styles. In addition, Anthony’s tongue has been split in two by a surgical procedure.

There are many implants that have been placed in his limbs and head. On top of everything else, he has tattoos on both of his eyes. 

The Instagrammer is also considering having his penis surgically divided along the middle.

It’s fair to assume that his appearance and the difficulties he faces generate strong reactions in people. Nevertheless, in spite of all that has happened, he has learned that certain members of his family welcome him. Therefore, Anthony does not have the slightest shred of remorse over the decision to undergo the transformation.

He made up his mind to do both of those things, yes, as well as to take care of his health. When it comes to his own physique, he tends to be really harsh on himself.

Despite this, he continues to believe that humans may die from anything. It’s possible to get run over by a vehicle or suffer a stroke. As far as he’s aware, everything in life is a matter of luck.

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