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Man Shaved His Head Save For A Wacky Ring Around His Face

A man has been called “ring head” because of his unusual hairstyle. Stu Turner, a resident of Roath, Cardiff shaved his head during this October.

During the lockdown, he grew long, beautiful locks and a thick beard. So he asked his barber to chop all except a small strip of hair. “It has certainly been an adjustment,” the 36-year-old public servant told WalesOnline. It’s definitely cooler than before. I can sense a breeze far more easily than I could previously.

Stu Turner, a resident of Roath, Cardiff shaves most of his hair during this October.
image credits : Rob Browne

“At the start of the first lockdown, I stated that I wouldn’t cut my hair or beard until we were back at work. But what I thought would take three months stretched into 18 months, so I had a lot of hair to cut.

“Having spent time with a beard on my face, I can tell you that nothing ready you for the feel of your own breath in your chin.”

You will be wondering why Stu took such a risky look.

And it appears that he has accomplished all of this for a pretty excellent trigger.

The Welshman is a supporter of the Little Princess Belief. It provides free real hair wigs to children and young people who’ve lost their natural hair due to cancer treatment or other situations.

Stu has not only given his hair to the foundation. His massive haircut has also collected almost £1,000 for both the belief and Cancer Research UK. You all can contribute to his funding page here.

He’s also keen to keep his peculiar barnet for a little while.

“I went out from the city the other day, and my hair got down pretty well,” Stu said.

“I started gaining a lot of appreciation from people, something I hadn’t expected.”

The weirdest thing was that some individuals didn’t think it was a charity factor or a notion that I had forgotten anything.

Instead, they assumed I had a new, fashionable Era Z haircut!

Stu Turner, a resident of Roath, Cardiff shaves most of his hair during this October.
image credits : Rob Browne

“When I’m out walking about, I’m still thankful for my masks. That’s because I’m not sure I can handle the comments I could get from some people. However, when you do anything like this, you have to accept that people will look; it’s all part of the fun of making a fool of yourself for a nice cause.

“I believe my friends were the ones who were most irritated by the positive response I received; they were the ones who set out to try and find success in making me appear foolish.”

One of the most important aspects of Stu’s campaign was allowing individuals who gave to specify the hair and beard style they wanted to see him do with their gift, with the style with the most money behind it being crowned the winner.

A ‘Friar Tuck,’ a mohawk and handlebar moustache, a buzztop, pineapple, and a ‘hair island,’ as popularized by soccer supervisors Steve McClaren, were among the suggestions from his family and friends.

However, there could only be one champion in the end. The ‘circle hair’ kind won with £316.25 committed in its name – more than £200 more than its closest opponents.

Stu has a history of humiliating haircuts, having changed his usual hairstyle for a Bobby Charlton-style combover to raise funds for the Little Princess Belief in 2018.

Stu Turner, a resident of Roath, Cardiff shaves most of his hair during this October.
image credits : Rob Browne

The amount collected from that attempt is much beyond his estimates. His most recent effort, which has brought him close to £1,200, has topped even that.

“I am amazed at how much I’ve already raised,” Stu added.

“I never had a goal. It was always about seeing how far I could go – but if it was to go any further, that would be wonderful.

“Both the Little Princess Foundation and the American Cancer Society are fantastic organizations – I’ve collected money for both of them previously, and they both do fantastic work.”

“Actually, I’m a bit of a hair farm, so it makes sense for me to just grow it for as long as I can and then give it away!”

Let us know your thoughts about this man who shaved his head to support the Little Princess Belief.

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