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Man Reveals What It’s Like To Own, “The World’s Biggest Penis.”

Jonah Falcon, the person with the biggest penis in the world, says that the benefit of having a big penis is not having to prove himself to others. However, there are also drawbacks to being so well-endowed.

Falcon, person with the world's biggest penis
Falcon with the world’s biggest penis. 13.5 inches when erect. Image: indiegogo.com

Jonah Falcon is used to bragging about his penis. In fact, he claims it defined him from the age of 18 to 25.

Since his appearance on the HBO documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed in 1999, he’s had the unofficial label of having the world’s largest penis. He admits that being on the show is a mistake.

Mr. Big: Jonah Falcon’s Giant Penis Problem” was the title of a Rolling Stone article about him in 2003. He earned a lot from his penis, where he also appeared on the Daily Show, where he admits that his foreskin could completely encircle a doorknob.

Falcon’s priorities have shifted in recent years, but he could still be persuaded to answer Men’s Health 20 Questions, and they are surely juicy replies.

When some of his students pointed out how well endowed he was, he claimed he realized how fortunate he was.

Falcon claims that discussing his penis with his family is taboo and that he does not want to perform porn.

“I can’t get fully hard when people are watching, to begin with,” he admits, “and even if I wanted to, I’d have to get back to a 32-inch waist.”

He claims that having a massive penis is the finest part because he doesn’t have to prove himself all the time. He stated, ” “Because I don’t have to prove my masculinity to anyone else, I don’t need a flashy automobile, a pistol, or a disguise, among other things. Dammit, I’m going all pink!”

He’s never had to worry about finding sexual partners, either. He admits to having connections with some well-known persons, but he keeps his sex disclosures to a minimum.

It does, however, have some drawbacks. People may conclude Falcon is a horrible person, conceited, or a “slut,” according to Falcon. He’s also fed up with people trying to weigh him.

He hasn’t had to worry about being too much for a partner, though.

“A fire hydrant can be taken by your lover if they are enthusiastic. Look, one of my partners told me that they’d tried getting f***** by big c**ks before, but they usually hurt, but I was surprisingly easy, despite the fact that I’m a bit thicker than my wrist.”

He also offered sex advice to men who wish they had a bigger penis: “If you’re searching for sex, a hot bod and a winning personality will attract far more than a gigantic c*ck.”

“When I see hot males with ripped abs, I feel insufficient. Except for yourself, no one cares if you have a little c*ck. Don’t bring it up, and if they make a remark, just demonstrate how comfortable you are with your mouth.

“Believe in me. A good blowjob has put me helpless. The same thing will happen if you’re with a hot guy or gal.”

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