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Man Receive Insurance Payout After Centipede Bites His Testicles

Here is the story of a poor man from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who had his testicles bitten by a monstrous centipede, which we at Viraltrendzs wanted to share with everyone. After a long day of cleaning, a guy who went by the name of Ye decided to strip down and take asleep on his floor, according to the local press. He woke up to find a centipede had snatched his testicles while he was sleeping.

A strong sensation in his groin caused him to wake up, according to him, who spoke to reporters. That’s when it dawned on him that the centipede had sunk into his scrotum with its mandibles.

He had been astonished and had initially considered slamming a book on the centipede, but he had immediately realized that this was not a good idea.

Eventually, Ye had made an unsuccessful attempt to extricate the centipede.

However, it had just worsened the pain. Consequently, Ye had crushed the creature with his fist out of desperation, prompting it to finally release its hold on him.

Despite this, Ye’s intimate area had been somewhat harmed by the incident. As a consequence, he went to the casualty, where doctors were able to repair his injured scrotum.

Before that time, everything had seemed to be completely normal. Afterward, Ye contacted his insurance company to report the occurrence; however, something strange occurred immediately on the spot! When Ye called his insurance provider, he was informed that he was eligible for an insurance payout under the policy.

An insurance company representative informed Ye that a centipede bite was an exceedingly unusual event. In fact, she had never heard of anything like this before in her ten years with the organization. As a result, she said, Ye’s occurrence qualified as an accident, entitling him to an insurance payout from his insurance company for missed earnings while he recovered from his injuries.

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