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Man Defends His 37 Years Elder Girlfriend From Being Trolled.

Quran has been posting cute dancing videos with her 37 years elder girlfriend in TikTok. Majority of the viewers used to compliment them but there were also viewers who had issues of their age gap.

So many people trolled them labeling their relationship as “disgusting,” the couple thought of standing against all the blames.

Quran, 23 year old from US, spends his time posting videos with his 37 years elder girlfriend on TikTok, she’s Cheryl, 60 years old. Quran got 416,000 followers on TikTok.

The couple consistently receives messages asking whether their relationship is genuine or whether he’s with her because she’s ‘rich’. Also some people rudely comment on their posts saying, “she looks like his grandmother.”

Recently they have posted a video responding to a comment, “do your family approve of y’all dating?”

Quran with his 37 Years Elder Girlfriend
They says that they are in Love image credits: @ttvleolove_3 / TikTok

Not only that their parents approved their relationship but also Cheryl’s children who are older than Quran have no problem with them living together as Cheryl says.

Quran frequently posts videos supporting Cheryl, including one in which he throws a broom and a cup at the phone camera, captioned “me defending my girl in the comments area.” There were instances where they were defended by their views against harsh comments.

couple doesn't let the negative comments get them down
image credits: @ttvleolove_3 / TikTok

“Some people just can’t handle seeing someone happy – it makes them realise how miserable they are themselves.” a viewer said. And another said “Why does it matter as long as y’all are happy and love each other?” Then finally another replied saying, “I wish you nothing but the best.”

Man Defends His 37 Years Elder Girlfriend From Being Trolled.
image credits: @ttvleolove_3 / TikTok

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