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Man Carried His Phone In Stomach For Half A Year

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from abdominal discomfort on a regular basis for a variety of causes. It is possible that whatever we had ingested was to blame. The man featured in this story had also complained of occasional stomach pain, and the doctors were taken aback when an X-ray identified the cause of the problem. Are you able to guess what it is? It was, in fact, a mobile phone that was involved. And he had managed to get by with the phone lodged in the stomach for almost half a year.

The individual presented himself to Aswan University Hospital in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan because he was experiencing periodic stomach aches. The physicians next treated him for intestinal and stomach infections that he had developed.

Shockingly, the individual afterward acknowledged having consumed the phone half a year earlier! However, he had been ashamed to go to the hospital and had instead relied on luck to get him through it. Sadly, his hopes were dashed when he was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries as a result of his optimistic mindset.

Man survives with a mobile phone in stomach for six months
image credits : Newsflash
image credits : Newsflash

Gulf Today reports that Mohamed El-Dahshoury, Chairman of Aswan University Hospitals’ Board of Directors, claimed it was the first time they had witnessed a situation where a patient had eaten a whole phone.

The man’s status is unknown at this time, however, it is predicted that he will completely recover in the near future. Although the reason and method of his phone-swallowing remain a mystery.

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