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Lyuba, Woolly Mammoth Baby, The 42,000 Year Old In The Shimanovsky Museum

Woolly Mammoths are slightly larger than the size of African elephants. Sadly, these mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago, and they became extinct about 4,000 years ago. A woolly mammoth calf, a female one, had been found in the tundra of Siberia. 

Lyuba, Woolly Mammoth Baby
Image credits: ruthanddave

Yuri Khudi and Rinder Herr and his sons on the Yamal Peninsula discovered Lyuba. As the ice melted, the calf’s body was visible and, surprisingly, was well preserved. They did not touch it by touching the mammoth corpse, but they believe a local museum director was informed. The Director then arranged for the body to take away. When they arrived to pick up the massive corpse, it was not there and was later found in a store in a nearby town.

The shop owner said he exchanged mammoth for two snowballs and received a year’s food supply from Khudi’s cousin. As the mammoth moves, he is attacked by dogs and part of his right year and tail. Police later helped bring Lyuba back. She was later transferred to the Shimanovsky Museum in Sale card. Khudi helped find the mammoth, so he was given the privilege of naming her, after which the mammoth named her wife, Lyuba.

mammoth baby
Image credits: shutterstock.com

She was between 30 and 35 days old when she died. Her trunk contained clay, and researchers said she suffocated in the mud while drinking water or trying to cross the river with herds of cattle. Her mother’s milk was also identified in her stomach, and even dead urine was found in her intestines. And also, Lyuba is now permanently in the museum. Moreover has even traveled to the UK and Australia for exhibitions. Especially, she is about three feet tall and weighs about 110 pounds.

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