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Lord Shiva’s 7 Laws To Glorify Your Life

Many people believe in God Shiva. He is a “Destroyer of Evil and a Transformer.” In Shaivism, Shiva is the supreme person who created, protects, and transformed the universe, a significant tradition of contemporary Hinduism. Here are seven of his fundamental rules that will help you gain a better understanding of life.


Lord Shiva 7 Laws

The first precept of Shiva karma is truth. It states that one must be truthful in every situation of life, regardless of the outcome. Lying helps you temporarily but does not give you more lasting comfort than truth. We must be truthful to ourselves as well as to others.

Everything is an illusion.

Lord Shiva 7 Laws

We find happiness in temporary things. We make ourselves comfortable and happy with temporary comforts. But do not forget that if your happiness is related to material things, it will not last forever, and everything will fail. Happiness is in you. Specially, you should be grateful for what you have and understand the reality of everything.

Be formless

Lord Shiva 7 Laws

Do not try to cover yourself in a box. Let yourself feel the different things around you. Accept challenges. Do not lose yourself in complex and challenging times.

Awaken yourself

Lord Shiva 7 Laws

When a person is freed from all bondage and freed from all evil, we call a person enlightened. We can all reach this advanced stage, and for that, we should try to wake up. We should try to understand the reality of everything, and if we can achieve this state, we will be able to experience higher comfort in the heart.

Knowledge is God

Only by gaining good knowledge can one get a perfect idea of ​​the meaning of one’s existence. We are always misleading if we do not know, so always try to add everything to your life. It is wise to eliminate unnecessary things from your life. To get a perfect idea of ​​life, you must always be hungry to be aware.

Look beyond you

Lord Shiva's 7 Laws To Glorify Your Life

Remember that you are not alone in the universe. We care too much about our well-being but not about our surroundings. It’s okay to care about your happiness, but we should also be selfless and spread happiness around us. Thus, the world would be a better place if we cared about each other.

Use your inner senses.

Don’t try to frame things. When something happens, allow yourself to observe it from different angles. Let your mind be free. Delete all unnecessary details and focus on the relevant point. Remember, your mind is the center of everything, and it controls everything. So, let it be free and relaxed, then use your senses. It makes you aware of everything that is going on around you.

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