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Life Coach Shares’ Secret’ Tricks To Get Someone You Like – Including A Mirror

Are you wondering how to make it feel good? Or you may wish to know how to get good Crush books – a life coach is here to explain how to motivate them. 

A life coach has revealed how you can get someone you like by following a few simple tricks. Coach Francesca regularly shares tips on tic-tac-toe, such as ‘how to study fast’ and signs that someone is very angry at you. But in a recent series of videos, Francesca runs through several methods. Such as imitating people like you with their body language or waiting a few seconds for someone to answer them when they talk to you. Encourage them. “When the new video is introduced, she instantly turns people into instant psychological tactics. The first tip is to ask someone for help because it makes them feel like they are your fan.

She called it the “Benjamin Franklin effect” and explained: “Hey, can you give me some salt, please?” “Their subconscious mind thinks they like you because they favor you.” Sharing her next tactic, she says: “Two: Call people by their name. We love to hear our name from someone else because it makes us feel important and appreciated.” The next idea is how you respond to people. Instead of answering directly when someone says something to you in a conversation, Francesca suggests waiting a few seconds and answers.

“This will make them feel like they’re thinking about what you’ve going to tell them. So you’re a better listener,” she reveals. Another tactic is to imitate one’s body language. By taking this into their subconscious, a person believes you are “just like them.” She says: “When you talk to someone, try to fit your body language and speak at the same volume and speed. “This will tell their subconscious mind that you are like them, and they will trust you more.” 

Now, this is obvious, but praising the person will surely make them look like you. Praise is vital when you feel that someone has “appreciated” you, Francesca emphasizes. “We like people we like. Knowing how to appreciate and praise someone will make them like you more,” she says. “Look for something special about them or say something like ‘I like what you think.'”

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