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Lady Makes $49,800 Weekly Selling Farts – Hospitalised For Over-Farting

A woman who made money selling farts was hospitalised because she squeezed out too many. Stephanie Matto, 31, became famous for her look on the TV show 90 Day Fiance. She is also a popular YouTuber. She has made almost $200,000 (£148,000) by selling farts in jars to people who want them.

In the wake of a health concern, the self-proclaimed “fartepreneur” has decided to retire. As a result of experiencing severe chest discomfort, she was sent to the emergency unit in Connecticut.

Self-proclaimed “fartepreneur” decides to resign after health concerns.

Credit: stepankamatto

When the woman was hospitalised she was given blood tests and an EKG. After the tests, doctors blamed her high-fiber diet of beans, bananas, eggs, and protein drinks for her symptoms, according to a story in the Daily Mail. Matto had originally believed she was experiencing a heart attack. According to her account in The Daily Mail, she had feared that these were her last moments.

Having seen a need for stinky products on the adult website Unfiltrd, Matto started her business in 2021. It was then that she decided to make money by selling her farts in jars for $1,000. The price of the fart jars was cut during the holidays.

Credit: Jam Press

She had to make about 50 fart jars every week.

Matto’s ‘wind game’ had to improve as a consequence of the increased demand. She came dangerously near to losing consciousness as a consequence of this. Matto discovered that protein shakes made her farts smell much worse than they already did. Her business approach, therefore, took this into account.

A large bowl of black bean soup and three protein drinks set the tone for the rest of the evening. According to her, this resulted in an embarrassing fart attack, which she later recounts about. Suddenly, she felt a heaviness in her stomach and a tingling sensation throughout her whole. Aside from that, she had been experiencing respiratory difficulties. The hospital’s specialists advised her to make dietary changes. Her gas production was reduced with the help of medicine prescribed to her.

Credit: Jam Press

When she was talking about her viral business, she stated that banana protein shakes are efficient in increasing the foul-smelling farts produced. When she first saw the rush to get her fart jars, she couldn’t believe it.

She now thinks that many people are driven by a “hidden obsession.”

When she was on a diet, she decided to establish her own business. The mainstays of the meal were protein-rich muffins, shakes, and hard-boiled eggs. She ultimately blended it with black bean salad and onion, ham, and pepper omelets to make it more appealing.

Matto had a bumpy voyage, to say the least. People have made death threats to her because of her business effort, and she has had to deal with a lot of “negative” attention. On the other hand, she has been complimented for being a strong female leader. Aside from that, according to the Daily Mail, she was also praised for motivating others to be proud of themselves and their work.

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