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Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant, Expecting Another With Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner will be a mom again!

The 24-year-old pro-millionaire is pregnant, and in love with Travis Scott repeatedly.

The couple has shared their 3-year-old daughter Stormi, and Kylie Jenner has openly stated that their little daughter needs a brother.

Kylie family
Image: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

One source said that the whole family was “happy.”

The news came amid speculation that Caitlin Jenner was expecting another grandchild on Thursday, but it was about her son Bert Jenner, who is due to have his third child with his girlfriend Valerie Pitlo.

When asked about having a brother for Stormy in an interview for the March 2020 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the makeup teacher revealed: “All my friends are influencing me about that …they love Stormy. I feel pressured to give her a sibling, but no plan.”

Kylie jenner and stormi
Image: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Speaking on her BFF Stacy Carnicollo #DoYourPart Instagram live series, Kylie said: “I want seven kids, but not right now.

“Pregnancy is not a joke; It is a serious matter, and it is difficult,” she added.” I’m not ready for that yet.”

Kylie, who began dating Scott in April 2017, hid her first pregnancy and announced Stormy’s arrival shortly after birth.

She later argued with Andy Cohen: “I have shared so much of my life. She later argued with Andy Cohen: “I have shared so much of my life. I do not know how to get it to the public and how to get everyone’s ideas. I think it’s just something I have to do alone.”

Her sister, Kendall Jenner, agreed: “This is a theory – I’m never pregnant; I’m very sure there are studies on this. But I think it’s going to be very peaceful for your baby when you’ve pregnant.

“I think it is a reflection of even her daughter today, so amazing and beautiful because Kylie was peaceful during her pregnancy. I think it was the best decision.”

Big sister Kim Kardashian — who has four children with her estranged husband Kanye West — explained that Kylie did not leave home to care for herself and her future child. Kim, 40, said: “When we were driving, and during pregnancy, the paparazzi almost crashed into our cars because they wanted a picture.” “Kylie wanted her safety, to protect the baby and to make it a personal moment.”

Jenner family
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Kylie revealed that she was bothered by the paparazzi even after staying at home for months: “I stayed in my house and the neighborhood. After all, there are helicopters every day – I couldn’t even get out of them because they shoot at all my deliveries.

The young Kardashian-Jenner first rumor about pregnancy this summer because she was out in a heavy bag shirt when she was in Idaho. Jenner also shared a picture of his sushi order, which appears to be all avocado rolls instead of raw fish.

Fans immediately picked it up, releasing one Twitter message: “Kylie eats sushi without fish …she’s pregnant.”

Image: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Kylie posted a photo of a cocktail of Instagram stories trying to throw her fans out of the way at first glance: “Nothing like lychee martini,” and later wrote a photo of raw fish Ceviche.

However, as one source points out: “But does she consume it?”

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