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‘Killed Husband And Family’ For Insurance Money

A renegade ex-cop killed her lover for an insurance scheme. Between 2012 and 2018, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, from South Africa, killed six additional relatives to collect life insurance payouts, usually employing a hitman. She was also found guilty of attempted murder and insurance fraud. Ndlovu gained over £69,000 from the plan before being nabbed when the man she hired to murder her sister turned himself in.

A policewoman has been accused of murdering five relatives and a boyfriend to cash in on insurance claims
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The prosecution explained how she manipulated life and burial insurance plans for her family months before she planned their deaths. The court heard she would go to a police station after each murder and report a murder or a missing person case. For each homicide, Ms. Ndlovu went to a different station.

Witness Madala Homu, her cousin, was killed in March 2012. Six years later, her sister, boyfriend, niece, and two nephews were all slain. Instead of hiring a killer, she poisoned and murdered her sister Audrey Somisa Ndlovu in 2013. Brilliant Mashego, Ms. Ndlovu’s latest victim, died in January.

It is estimated she made 1,400,000 South African rand (£69,000) from the deadly scheme
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In March 2018, a hitman alerted police about her intention to murder her sister and five nieces. Ndlovu stated she wished the family was burned alive because she needed the money for the settlement. Mme Ndlovu avowed her innocence in court and accused several of the 50 witnesses of lying. Especially, the evidence linked her to the killings and the insurance claims, the prosecution contended.

Ndlovu accused many of the 50 witnesses of lying during the trial
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“The accused was either the last person to see them alive or the first to know they were gone,” Williams told AFP following the hearing.

“She named herself as the beneficiary to collect life and burial insurance.”

Ndlovu’s sentencing is next month.

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