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12 Popular Kids’ Shows That Are Banned in Some Countries

Regardless of whether you’re a grown-up or a child, you most likely have your own rundown of most loved Kids’ Shows. Shockingly, a few Kid’s Shows are restricted in several countries.

We, Viraltrendzs has found an explanation for such actions in opposition to popular kids’ shows.

Below are some famous kids’ shows banned due to several reasons.

1. Peppa Pig

Kids' Shows
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This Kids’ Show is banned on TV throughout Australia as it teaches youngsters not to fear hazardous bugs.
This charming animation was prohibited after an episode where the pigs began to live with a spider. This episode shows the world to be friendly to bugs, however for Australia, where in excess of 10,000 species of spiders (some toxic) live, such advice is quite risky. That is the reason Australians are against any friendship with 8-legged animals.

2. Pokemon (very popular among kids’ shows)

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An episode in Pokemon is prohibited on TV in Japan, Turkey, and the Arab League as it’s harmful to children’s health.

In one scene, there was a peculiar blast joined by dazzling blue and red blazes with a frequency of 12 Hz. Thus, kids later began to grumble about their health. They showed some symptoms like partial vision loss, convulsions, and loss of consciousness. In excess of 600 children were hospitalized. The episode was restricted on TV, and this occurrence was called “Pokemon Shock.”

3. SpongeBob

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A few scenes of this Kids’ Show are prohibited in many countries like the USA, Russia, Europe, Australia, and later in excess of 120 nations because of violence and foul language. A scene with suicide was taken off the air.

Cartoons should be educational and ought to advocate positive and kind characteristics of character. Every Bikini Bottom legend has its own negative feature. Furthermore, they aren’t even punished for them. Many nations don’t need their future generations to act like this.

4. TaleSpin

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An episode of TaleSpin was restricted first in the USA and Japan, and later all through the world. A second scene is banned in Japan and was briefly prohibited in the USA. The reason behind this restriction was false views on laws and propaganda of stereotypes about Asian countries.

In one scene, Baloo needed to transport a box with a present that was a bomb. The bear pulled off it since he didn’t have a clue what was in there. So kids have instructed something contrary to the expression “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

The second dubious scene – “Last Horizons” – was briefly taken off the air. As indicated by the plot, warlike pandas abuse Baloo to decide the area of a lost city for further attack. Many individuals saw the likeness with real historical events.

5. Tom and Jerry

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Some episodes in this popular Kids’ show were prohibited, scenes were deleted, and characters were replaced all through the world because of smoking, alcohol, harmful substance abuse, and violence.

During a 50-year broadcast, numerous hostile scenes were deleted, re-dubbed, or even taken off the air as they showed explicit American life during the 1940s.

However, many individuals feel that the fundamental issue of this animation is unpunished violence. Tom is being rebuffed for his naughtiness, and Jerry is not forbidden to mock the cat. Furthermore, the mouse gets no negative mentality from the crowd as it should be a positive character.

6. The Simpsons

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Some episodes of this cartoon were taken off the air in different countries. First in the USA and Brazil, and later throughout the world due to violence, humiliation of family values, disorderly behavior, and insulting public figures and countries.

There are still loads of contentions in the USA about this provocative animation as a result of the rot of family esteems and lacking examples of kids’ behavior (for example, Bart Simpson).

Rio’s tourism department viewed one of the scenes as excessively hostile and took steps to sue the cartoon’s creators. As indicated by the plot, the characters go to a Brazilian city that is portrayed as a jungle with jumping monkeys. This episode is as yet restricted in Brazil.

In spite of the fact that the animation battles for freedom of expression, the authors are somewhat respectful toward certain countries. Homer doesn’t drink beer and eats no bacon in UAE broadcasts. In addition, Vatican City believes the series to be “realistic and smart.”

7.  Beavis and Butt-Head

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One episode of the cartoon Beavis and Butt-Head is banned throughout the world due to disorderly behavior and the tendency to threaten people with bodily harm after watching this cartoon.

The series showed nothing valuable by any means, however, one episode went too far. The “Comedians” episode showed that it was so amusing to set various things on fire. Subsequently, one 5-year-old kid from the US, attempting to have a good time like the animation’s characters, burned his home with his sister inside.

8. Looney Tunes

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An episode of this kids’ show was taken off the air all through the world because of the portrayal of alcohol consumption.

This scene, called “One beer,” is very old. The characters need to steal a bottle of beer and drink everything. What did the creators need to show to their young crowd? It’s as yet a secret to us. In any case, the scene was restricted on TV, however it was left on DVD. Such double measures.

9. Gravity Falls

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Some scenes of Gravity Falls were eliminated, and some words were replaced in Russia due to bad habits, violence, and pornography propaganda.

You can watch this cartoon in Russia, however it’s a shortened variant. The jokes here are not all that profane, and the age recommendation is 12+. For example, in the second episode, Dipper rests on Wendy’s bra. The girl is 15 years of age. Crowds discovered this scene too frank. However, its removal didn’t affect the plot.

10. The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin

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Measures like the elimination of some scenes, replacing characters’ reactions, partial replacing of some phrases, and plot changes in the kids’ show named The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin were taken in The USA as the plot and characters contradict the audience’s mindset.

Be certain that Americans have the chance to watch this cartoon…but with significant changes. 3 episodes were joined into one animation with an illogical plot.

All unpleasant and miserable scenes were deleted. Indeed, even the scene with Lolo’s father’s demise, which mirrors the one-of-a-kind legend’s character, was taken out by the cartoonists. In the scene where the penguin teacher falls down before his students, their quiet response was replaced with an amusing chuckle.

11. Cartoons where Donald Duck appears

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All cartoons where Donald Duck appears were banned in Finland as it popularizes false values and pornography.

Beginning from the 1970s, funnies with this interesting Disney duck started to vanish. It happened in light of the fact that Donald would not like to wear pants. The Helsinki Commission for Youth Affairs guarantees that these kids’ shows neglect family values, threaten morality, and promote a strange fixation on cash.

12. Shrek 2

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This cartoon was prohibited in all cinemas in Israel as it includes sexual clues and insults on public figures.

In one outrageous scene in the original film, the legends say “to bobbit,” implying that they need to remove one character’s biological organs. This verb showed up after a mishap in John Bobbit’s family where John’s wife removed his…let’s say “manhood.”

The dubbing authors chose to supplant this moment with a joke about a well-known Israeli artist with an extremely high voice. Obviously, David D’Or, the artist, didn’t care for this joke and sued the cartoon’s authors.

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