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A Journey in the Prototype Flying Car. Impressive!

A Slovakian business took its prototype flying car on a 35-minute test flight between Slovakian cities.

Klein Vision claimed that its AirCar Prototype 1 flew for 35 minutes between Nita and Bratislava cities on Monday. It was the company’s first successful intercity flight.

According to the company, the prototype flying car attained a top speed of 118 mph. The journey took almost half as long as a regular drive between the two cities.

In a press statement, Klein Vision co-founder Anton Zajac stated, “AirCar is no longer just a proof of concept.” “It has brought science fiction to life.”

Prototype Flying Car
Image credits: airlive.net

The Aircar consists of a BMW engine with a horsepower of 160. It is designed to be converted into a sports car in roughly 3 minutes using a button-operated method.

The company is now working on the AirCar Prototype 2. The new one will have a 300 horsepower engine that is capable of cruising at 186 mph with a range of 621 miles.

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