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Japanese Inventions That Prove They’re Ahead Of The Game

What spring to mind when you hear the word Japan?

When one thinks about Japan, anime costumes, old Shinto temples, and the seductive beauty of geishas spring to mind. As far back as history goes, Japan has been known for its own culture and customs. But Japan’s uniqueness extends well beyond its geography. That is also shown through Japanese inventions and solutions to daily issues. Although the rest of the world discovers Japanese inventions later, it is a truth that the Japanese know how to create a hit. Japan never ceases to amaze us with revolutionary new technology that sounds like something out of a science fiction film! Are you under the impression that this technology is out of reach for the average person? If that’s the case, TikTok user Steven Wong is going to show you how wrong you are.

Steven Wong uses TikTok to show off the amazing technology he encounters on a daily basis in Japan. They’ll undoubtedly convince you that this nation is, in fact, living in the future.

It is our pleasure at Viraltrendzs to offer to you some of the most remarkable Japanese inventions shared by Steven from this beautiful country, which we hope you like.

More info: TikTok | Instagram

#1 Kid sized baskets

Kid sized baskets
Image credits: allstarsteven

Shops in Japan offer baskets that are specifically designed for kids. Items for children are placed on the lower shelf so that they are simpler to reach. The reason for this is because Japanese kids start doing errands at a young age.

#2  Robot waiters 

Robot waiters
Image credits: allstarsteven

Robot waiters serve customers in this Tokyo café. These robots are operated remotely by employees who are physically disabled. Some individuals will benefit from this since it provides them with a chance to work, socialize, and feel more included.

#3 Fridge that opens from both sides

Fridge that opens from both sides
Image credits: allstarsteven

This refrigerator features doors that can be opened from either the left or the right side. Lefties will celebrate since their dreams have come true.

#4 Antibacterial film

Antibacterial film
Image credits: allstarsteven

Handles, elevator buttons, and vending machines in Japan have an antibacterial coating on them.

#5 Check-in public bathrooms

Check-in public bathrooms
Image credits : allstarsteven

In Japan, it is possible to examine the interior of public bathrooms before entering them. When you lock the door after entering, the glass becomes opaque.

#6 Totalling the order by scanning

Totalling the order by scanning
Image credits : allstarsteven

When we eat at Japanese restaurants, the waiter totals our order by scanning the dishes on our tables.

#7 Toilet with built-in sink

Toilet with built-in sink
image credits : allstarsteven

When you flush the toilet, water will automatically flow from the tap, allowing you to wash your hands afterward. This water is then recycled for use in flushing the bathroom toilet.

#8 Baby seats and bag holders at Bathrooms

Baby seats and bag holders at Bathrooms
image credits : allstarsteven

Baby seats and bag holders are available in the bathrooms for your ease.

#9 Capsule hotels

Capsule hotels
image credits : allstarsteven

A single night in a capsule hotel costs as low as $20. Elevators and lockers are accessible only with your keycard. You’ll also get an amenity pack filled with useful items. 

#10 Sticker for old people

Sticker for old people
image credits : allstarsteven

When you reach the age of seventy-five, you will be awarded this sticker. This notifies other drivers that you are above the age of seventy-five.

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