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Is It True That Monkeys Have Blue Testicles?

A perilous bundle of treasure is carried by many male animals. Yes, those are the external testicles, which carefully move outside the abdominal cavity. It’s kept in an uncovered, thin-skinned pouch that is really sensitive and fussy and makes a clear target for any man’s foes. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the development of descending testicles has perplexed and confounded biologists for years.

Generally, the color of testicles varies from one species to another. Even among creatures of the same species, there are differences. The hue, on the other hand, is more likely to change in a range that is closer to that of the skin. And sometimes it may be red in color or a shade of red. But have you ever seen an animal with blue testicles? A while back, images of monkeys with blue testicles have gone viral on social media. We at Viraltrendzs were astounded to see these incredible blue-balled monkeys and wanted to share them with you.


image credits : Jan-Otto

This distinguishing feature is characteristic of Vervet monkeys. The Cercopithecidae family of old-world monkeys includes the vervet monkey, sometimes known as the Savanna monkey. Five separate subspecies reside in Sub-Saharan Africa’s deciduous woodlands, as well as a few Eastern nations. According to historical records, vervet monkeys were supposed to have inhabited this settlement around 2000 BC.


image credits : Goddard_Photography

What gives them blue testicles?

Vervet has dopa-positive melanocytes within their dermis, per the histology. Each one is jam-packed with fully mechanized melanosomes. Tyndall dispersion over a layer of melanin gives the turquoise blue color. Their bright red and blue butt and genitals aid in attracting females. Female monkeys also favor males with much more vibrant colors. As a result, females find bigger and more colorful genitals more intriguing and appealing.


image credits : Slowmotiongli

These organisms have been shown to display some social behaviors and human-like traits. Anxiety, hypertension, social and dependent alcohol consumption are a few of them. There are four known predators of these unique monkeys. These monkeys emit an acoustically unique warning cry when they see one of these predators. Vervets dwell in social groups ranging in size from ten to seventy people. When a male reaches sexual maturity, he usually joins another group. Females, on the other hand, stay with their group throughout their lives.



image credits : anperryman


Baby vervet monkey on a fence in a neighborhood in Saint Lucia, South Africa
image credits : Angela Perryman


Vervet Monkey. Blue testicles monkey on a tree in the African forest, Chlorocebus Pygerythrus species living in Southeast part of Africa.
image credits : bennymarty


image credits : Gerard Lacz 



image credits : Marion Smith

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