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Invasive Species In Florida Overruns The Community

It’s hard to overstate the damage that the giant African land snail can do. These creatures are now considered invasive species in Florida.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has performed an assessment and determined the current population level of these snails in the neighborhood. A news statement from the authorities said that over 1,000 large African land snails had been removed from the town since June 23.

These creatures are now considered invasive species in Florida.

These creatures are now considered invasive species in Florida.

In response to the discovery of these invasive species in Florida, a press release was put out to disclose additional information. The statements made in the news release claim that the length of these snails may reach up to 8 inches at their maximum.

In point of fact, research has revealed that these snails are able to consume over 500 different types of plants. In addition, the rat lungworm parasite, which may cause meningitis in humans, is thought to be carried by these creatures.

Possession or importation of any of these snails is illegal in the United States unless you have the right permits.

Research shows that these snails can eat over 500 varieties of plants.

New Port Richey, Florida, has been placed under quarantine as a precautionary measure by state authorities. In addition to that, they are now treating properties with snail bait.

1966 was the year when these snails were first discovered in the continental United States. Since that time, the authorities in Florida have had trouble dealing with these creatures.

Three of the animals were brought into the city of Miami in 1966. According to Newsweek, it took the state seven years and more than $1 million to eradicate them.

It was in 2011 when they reappeared in the Miami region. Last year, Newsweek reported that the state spent over $24 million on research and efforts to identify more than 168,000 snails.

In October 2021, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried declared the second extermination of the species, which hadn’t been seen in at least three years.

According to Fried, snails will once again be eliminated from the state of Florida.

Fried said that they’d done it twice before with great success. They will do it again, and he has said that there is no reason to doubt it.

To that end, he encouraged everyone to work together to find the enormous African land snails, spread awareness, and eradicate them.

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