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Influencer Reveals ‘Wedgie Trick’ For Better Bum Photos

Take a quick peek at social media, and you’ll notice that everyone loves good bum photos. Bum pics aren’t only a way to get likes; they’re also a way to appreciate our bodies’ beauty. But getting the proper angle in a shot so that the bum appears its best is always challenging. However, according to Instagram influencer Danae Mercer’s discovery of the Wedgie trick, taking gorgeous bum photos of oneself should no longer be an issue.

People may now use Danae’s “wedgie” trick to make their bums seem bigger in photos they post on social media. By posting a series of photographs on her Instagram account, which has more than two million followers, Danae brought it to everyone’s notice.

Image courtesy and more info: Instagram

These photographs will teach you how to have a fuller-looking bum.

These photographs will teach you how to have a fuller-looking bum.

Danae accompanied the images with a text pointing out that the internet is filled with staged wedgies. According to her, standing up in the normal way is a far more comfortable position.

The caption was then followed by a series of images that all featured the same woman. There was a lot of variation in her poses, even though she seemed to be wearing the same undies throughout the series of photos.

It showed how important it is to accept one’s own body by showing how a single movement can completely change the look of the same bum, making it look much more attractive and full.

It implies that the way how a person poses for a photo might give a completely different impression of their physique.

Danae Mercer has more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Danae Mercer has more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Besides this photo, Danae shared another one showing a lady gazing into a mirror to admire her flawlessly edited face. Cellulite and her larger bottom were removed from the photo.

In a post she made on Instagram, Danae expressed her belief that we have not yet connected with all of the individuals who would love us. She suggests that we may start with the person we see when we look in the mirror.

Danae believes that the wrinkles, scars, and overall appearance of a woman’s skin speak of the many experiences, years, and victories that have been lived by that lady. She says that a woman’s wonderful, mysterious spirit is the best place to start.

Regardless of looks, they’re all the same bum.

Regardless of looks, they're all the same bum.

The topic of love has been on her mind a lot lately. According to her, the most important relationship is the one that each of us has with ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves first, we can’t expect others to love us.

To help us all understand the importance of self-acceptance, she posed a challenge to look at our own reflections and find ways to love ourselves.

In her words, learning to love oneself is challenging. That is because society has taught us to dislike our own physical defects, such as cellulite and stretch marks, and the standard is constantly being lifted to reflect this. According to her, being a woman is a thorny issue.

Danae’s posts on body positivity have received a lot of good feedback.

Danae's posts on body positivity have received a lot of good feedback.

She has a positive opinion of our abilities and character, and she thinks we are capable of anything. What you can do has no limits, and it’s all inside your body.

Danae also posted plenty of other photos, all of which were accompanied by words of inspiration.

Since she posted the motivational message, many people have complimented Danae on the uplifting words that she chose to write.

She received praise from a lady called Brittany Burgunder for the amazing beauty and genuineness of her appearance.

Another individual had expressed similar feelings over Danae’s Instagram account. And yet another individual considers Danae to be her idol.

Danae received praise from a large number of users for bringing girls, women, and people to the real world. This demonstrates how much of an inspiration Danae was to other people.

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