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Influencer Kicked Out Of The Dubai Mall For Being Too Sexy.

The influencer, Emmy Russ, 22, says that she was kicked out of the Dubai mall by the security staff for being “too sexy.”

The influencer praised the country as, “great country, so much luxury, everything in gold, it is as if made for me,” before embarrassing incident she faced in the Dubai mall.

emmy russ
22 year old Emmay Russ image: Emmy Russ / Instagram

Security objected to Russ’ revealing shopping dress and kicked her out of the mall, thus the feeling was not mutual.

Between August 11 until last Tuesday, Emmy from Hamburg, Germany, uploaded photos from her opulent Dubai vacation with her 186,000 Instagram followers.

The famous influencer reports that she was shocked by the unusual incident she had to face in front of others at the Dubai mall. She has participated in various reality TV shows, for example “Germany’s celebrity version of Big Brother.”

emmy russ in dubai
Image: Emmy Russ / Instagram

Security guards told Emmy, who is also an amateur actor and a model, that her dress taste was too revealing for their standards.

Emmy was spotted at the major retail area wearing a cropped glitter top and a little skirt, which she excused by citing the forecasted temperature of 41 degrees Celsius. Later when she entered the shopping mall she was asked to leave before she’s done with her shopping.

Emmy said, “Suddenly a security employee came up completely out of breath and said I was too sexy, and I couldn’t walk around like that.”

emmy russ in dubai mall
Image: Emmy Russ / Instagram

She said on Instagram, “They threatened me with the police. I was thrown outside and I received a written warning.”

The influencer was issued a courtesy policy black card from the Dubai Mall, which stated, “Please wear polite apparel.”

Surprisingly, Russ went on to say: “Then I quickly went outside and got a long T-shirt. I didn’t believe my attire was very sexy by my standards. A police officer even flirted with me at the airport when I first arrived in the nation.”

Russ has been publicly chastised for her dress before, according to German media (TAG24), and she has even had to face the cops after posing for a photo in a miniskirt while leaning on a patrol vehicle.

She was subsequently charged with criminal damage after putting a dent on the car bonnet, which cost several hundred euros, but the prosecution was later withdrawn.

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