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Influencer Demonstrates Posing Method To Instantly Alter Physique

Karina Irby is putting her influencer to good use by showing off her real and unedited figure on social media. Instagram is often flooded with models that have been photoshopped to within an inch of their life, making many people feel uneasy.

However, the Australian beauty and swimwear company owner often posts body-positive photos that her 1.2 million Instagram followers like.

Karina just posted a video showing how posing can change your physique in a matter of seconds.

The blonde beauty has asked her admirers to understand that a photograph does not capture reality and that they should avoid comparing their bodies to others on the internet.

Karina is seen in the video going around a pool with a strapless bikini and matching patterned bottoms that are hiked up to her waist, giving her a toned appearance.

Influencer shares how she can transform body in seconds using posing trick.
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Karina Irby

Karina breathed and allowed her tummy to stretch as she moved to the side.

She then took the camera and posed with a pout, shielding her eyes from the light.

Karina, on the other hand, immediately lowered the camera and smiled brightly while pressing her chin into her neck.

Soaking in her cheeks, the positive body champion then returned to the water, flashing her perky bottom in a highly posed attitude.

Finally, Karina placed herself on the poolside in an upright stance to give the appearance of a toned tummy and perkier boobs. Proving to her numerous followers that you can ‘change’ your body swiftly.

Karina Irby is using her influencer status for good – by flaunting her 'real' and unedited body online.
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Karina Irby
Karina Irby is using her influencer status for good
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Karina Irby

The Instagram celebrity breathed and sat in a calm stance in a couple of seconds, completely transforming her appearance.


“Have fun with your bodies today, gentlemen!”

“And don’t get too caught up in someone’s attractive Instagram photo.” Because, as you can see, it’s an entirely different appearance a few minutes later.”

Many people were moved by Karina’s frank video and flocked to the comments section to applaud her for being so honest and embracing her “true” physique.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Karina Irby

“You’re the most gorgeous when you’re silly. Your physique is out of this world,” one person said. Never, ever, ever change! I also like your bikinis!”

“Thank you for revealing our bodies. You rock and are stunning!” said another.

“Needed this today!” said a third admirer. I like your self-assurance! I need to focus on my body confidence.”

“You are great!!” said someone else. You assist me in being far more self-assured. I admire you for who you are.”

“You’re very lovely, working on self-love as well,” a fifth person said. This story reminds me that there are so many ways to look at ourselves and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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