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Girl Who Lived In A Redwood Tree For 738 Days

Activist Julia Butterfly Hill is a native of the United States. She spent 738 days living in a 1500-year-old redwood tree called Luna in protest of the Pacific Lumber company’s logging activities.

During the period between December 10, 1997, and December 1999, she was housed in the tree. Her revolutionary endeavor ended when the Pacific Lumber Company agreed to save the redwood tree and a 200-foot buffer zone around it.

Her protest, which set new world records for tree-sitting, was intended to raise awareness about deforestation. It is calling media attention to PL’s disdain for the environment, and it is raising awareness about the importance of woods play in the stabilization of slopes.

image credits : Tree Sisters

Julia had climbed the colossal redwood tree when she was twenty-three years old.

That occurred when she agreed to participate in a ‘tree sit’ action while attending an environmentally inspired event.

As it turned out, she was just getting started as an activist, with no previous experience or ambitious goals to speak of. In her mind, no one would ever cut down an old tree with a chainsaw, much less ruin it with one. This was largely due to the fact that they were the only surviving redwoods that had stood for up to 2000 years. She also claims that she would never have believed it was feasible for her to accomplish such a thing until she achieved it.

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Julia was seriously injured in a vehicle accident and required extensive medical attention. Julia was just a young woman in her early twenties when the tragedy occurred. Then she understood that her life was out of whack.

She had become consumed with her work, status, and her things, as she admitted. It was the crash that made her realize how important it was to live in the moment and make a good impression on the future.

Julia traveled to the west to attend a Reggae festival/fundraiser to help conserve an old-growth forest. When she arrived in northern California, she found herself in contact with a group of “tree-sitters.” And they were opposing the Pacific Lumber Company’s clear-cutting of redwood trees.

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Hardly 3% of the ancient redwood ecosystem was still thriving in the old-growth forest, so she set out to explore the area. She was taken aback by the redwoods’ sage wisdom and mystical power the moment she saw them for the first time. She was motivated by a desire to have a positive impact.

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Julia was an introvert who liked spending time in the midst of nature.

She was certain that she could stay a few days or maybe a few weeks in a tree.

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Tree-sitting protests by Earth First! were taking place to draw attention to the critical need to preserve historic trees, according to Julia. And they required a person to remain in a redwood tree so that the loggers couldn’t chop it down. Nobody else offered to help, therefore she was the only option. The day before, she had strapped herself into Luna’s harness and climbed to a height of around 180 feet. It took her two years and eight days to get out of the tree, despite her expectations that it would take three to four weeks. She was only able to return to the land when the company pledged to safeguard Luna and the nearby grove.

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Over the course of more than two years, Julia has lived on two platforms approximately 6 x 6 feet in size under the massive canopy of the tree.

The phone she had in her hands was powered by solar energy, which she used to generate international media coverage. Julia was given food and other supplies by volunteers who went 2 1/2 kilometers up the mountainside. One of the greatest El Nino storms ever hit the area, helicopters hovered above, and loggers threatened her as they chopped down trees in the nearby forest. In certain cases, she received death threats. She was often wet and cold. Weeping in the fetal position, she was overcome with pain and fear at the prospect of what was to happen next.

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After all, she had learned that if she kept talking about politics and science while remaining in her mind, the debate would ultimately come down to one side vs. the other. Love, respect, decency, and compassion are concepts that we all grasp to a certain degree, despite the fact that we all have different perspectives on them.

But how can she teach loggers to love trees?

It was difficult for her to break free of the assumptions that they had formed about her. Since she was a treehugger, granola-eater, dirty hippie environmentalist in their eyes, they didn’t like her very much.

In her story, she said that she was able to keep going because of the tree’s wisdom. There was no question that Julia and Luna formed a deep friendship. She had a special place in her heart for the tree.

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In the beginning, she had only planned to stay in the redwoods for a week at the most. The Earth First! team hoisted her up into the woods since she had brought food and drink with her when she arrived.

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Everyone thought Julia would come back to the forest floor after the week was over. She didn’t, though.

That, however, was not the case. Julia made the decision, after seven days, to climb all of the ways to the top of the tree, where she constructed a temporary shelter for herself.

image credits : Honest to Paws

Nobody, not really even her Earth First! buddies, had no idea what was going through her head as she set up camp on the ridge of a giant redwood tree.

Regardless of how long she stayed up there, Julia just cared about one thing: the halting of logging operations.

image credits : Honest to Paws

Several months had passed since Julia had first taken up residence on top of the tree she had lovingly dubbed “Luna.” One of the most important lessons she took away from the experience was how to live independently.

Julia was pounded by severe rains, as well as frigid temps and snowstorms, while she rested on her plywood perch. In spite of her doubts, she was able to survive everything that nature had to throw at her and survive unharmed.

image credits : Honest to Paws

This fresh view on mankind and life that Julia developed during her protest was the result of her Zen-like attitude. Bending with the wind, like a limb of a tree, is always preferable than remaining stiff and risking breaking.

738 days had passed since Julia first set foot on Luna, and now she returned to Earth with a fresh perspective on the meaning of life. She was clearly a different person.

Julia’s demonstration was a major victory for environmental activism, as well as for activism in general. She toured the globe after leaving the forest, giving speeches on the importance of social and environmental advocacy. Luna’s book, The Legacy of Luna, details her two-year stay in the redwood tree.

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