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In the belly of a jellyfish! Shocked beachgoer finds unusual discovery washed up on shore.

When a beach walker discovered a fish inside a jellyfish on dry land, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Ian Watkin, a passionate wildlife photographer, was out on a morning hours walk with his dog on Harlyn Bay Beach in Padstow on Wednesday when he stumbled across the alien-looking critter.

Fish inside jellyfish's belly.
image credits : Ian Watkin/Triangle News

During National Marine Week, a strange find was made: a Compass jellyfish washed up on the beach with a plainly visible fish caught within it.

Mr. Watkin captured the image, which shows the fish looking shocked after becoming the jellyfish’s next meal.

‘This Compass jellyfish was discovered washed up on Harlyn Bay Beach in Padstow with a fish within its guts,’ said Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

image credits : Ian Watkin/Triangle News
image credits : Ian Watkin/Triangle News

‘Juvenile fish often use jellyfish as nurseries because they may hide amid their tentacles from predators.

‘Unfortunately, this one appears to have been stung and has become compass lunch.’

‘Look at how nearly the whole width of the jellyfish’s belly is taken up by it!’

Mr. Watkin, who is also a keen diver, said he had seen several previously but was delighted to capture one for the first time on video on August 4.

‘I was walking the dog first thing in the morning, just after 7 a.m., and the tide was on its way out as the sun was rising.’

‘I’ve seen a number of them in my 20 years as a diver, but I’ve never managed to photograph one.’

‘You don’t see that every day.’

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