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In a stag do prank, a stripped groom was taped to traffic lights wearing just socks and sandals.

In a stag-do joke, a semi-naked groom was tied to a lamppost outside a Basildon shopping center while wearing only his socks and sandals.

The guy, known locally as Jack Wilkins, is thought to have been chained to a post near the Beehive bar during his stag do.

Jack Wilkins tied to a lamppost.
A semi-naked man, wearing only his socks and sandals, was tied to a lamppost. (Credit: Change.org)

Shoppers can be heard giggling in a video as they pass by the groom, who is bound with strong tape. He can be heard crying out to another man standing on the sidewalk.

The man who is tied up twirls around a traffic pole.

@Aaron Shinnick

‘Tears of laughter’

Basildon’s “socks and sandals boy” has been tasked with turning on the town’s Christmas lights.

More than 100 individuals signed a petition to Basildon Council, describing the guy as a “local sensation who has brought tears of laughter to many.”

It read: “This act caused customers to cry, passing motorists to honk their horns, and the successful stag party to beam with pride.

On a traffic island in Basildon, Essex, he was seen tied to a post. (Credit: Youtube )

“With images and videos of “Socks and Sandals Boy” still circulating on social media, it only seems fitting that the “Socks and Sandals Boy” would be the only clear contender to turn on the Basildon Christmas lights this year in his renowned costume.

“Essex’s Basildon… Let’s make it a reality!!”

Last week, one person posted the video to Twitter with the caption “Do something Staggy.”

In response to a comment, he suggested the man was a friend on a stag do, with the footage causing outrage.

“Basildon is a unique place,” one user wrote.

Another person stated: “Laugh out loud! In #Basildon, it’s just another day.”

“You must love this city,” said a third.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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