Home Weird News In A 24-hour Pub Crawl, A Man Breaks A New World Record

In A 24-hour Pub Crawl, A Man Breaks A New World Record

One pub-goer The British man thinks he has established a new world record for drinking at the most pubs in 24 hours, but must now wait for confirmation. Matt Ellis, a pub aficionado, embarked on a massive challenge to drink in as many pubs as possible across Cambridgeshire. He, from St Neots, visited 51 pubs and drank diet coke, orange juice, beer, wine, soda water, and other beverages.

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Matt, 48, told the media, “It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.”

“It wasn’t a time issue; it was the number of fluids you needed to consume that was the difficulty.” We took a break for lunch, but after drinking, I couldn’t eat anything. We drank a variety of beverages. Apple juice, orange juice, beer, wine, and plenty of soda water are all good options.

Matt Ellis managed to have a drink in 51 bars to set a world record

“I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I had to use the restroom often during the night. I’m not going to do that again, that’s for sure.”

Matt, who owns a local wine shop, meticulously plotted the shortest route feasible by doing a few dry – and rainy – runs. He also made contact with every bar he planned to visit to ensure that they were okay with him performing the challenge on their property.

Matt had to drink 125ml at every pub in order to be verified with staff having to verify he drank the whole thing

Matt began his 24-hour crawl on Sunday at The Regal in Cambridge and finished it on Monday at The Weeping Ash in St Neots. Matt had to drink 125ml of any drink at each location as part of the challenge. Throughout the challenge, he was constantly recorded with a GoPro to show he visited the business, purchased a drink, and consumed the contents in order to be formally certified by Guinness World Records.

Matt arriving at his final pub, The Weeping Ash in St Neots

Two independent witnesses were also needed, as well as confirmation from bar employees that he had consumed the whole drink at each visit. “The challenge was initially supposed to be a collective effort to try and beat a record in New York when a group of individuals managed to visit 250 places,” Matt said.

“This was placed on when Covid occurred. Pubs and restaurants have had a difficult 18 months, so I hoped that this challenge will inspire people to visit their local.”

Matt enjoying a celebratory pint after completing the 24 hour challenge

Despite the fact that there is currently no record holder for the most pubs visited by one person, Matt is hopeful that his application to Guinness World Records will result in his being awarded the title.

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