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If Disney Characters Were As Good As The Actors Who Played Them

When viewing the animation, voice acting may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is crucial in making the film or series entertaining and convincing. When performed by specialists who pay attention to every detail, voiceovers may help us connect with the characters on screen.

You may have questioned which well-known actors would play roles in forthcoming films, but have you considered the visual similarities between the actor and the Disney character?

Image Courtesy : Instagram/crystalro

From “Brave,” Emma Thompson plays Queen Elinor.

From "Brave," Emma Thompson plays Queen Elinor.

Crystal, the artist, was born in New Hampshire. “Crystal attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and now resides in Los Angeles where you can usually find her pestering her cat Peggy,” according to her website. And also, her witty writings and illustrations have appeared in a variety of prominent online publications.

Kristen Bell in “Frozen” as Anna

Kristen Bell in "Frozen" as Anna

Also, we inquired about Crystal’s process for selecting which Disney characters to depict. “I felt it would be simpler to make them seem more realistic and integrate better with their real-life counterparts, compared to the 2D/traditionally drawn figures. I believed it would be easier to make them look more realistic and merge better with their real-life counterparts,” the artist answered. Because there’s more precise Photoshop work involved, Crystal noted that this series of Disney characters as their voice actors took a bit longer than her typical comics. “Drawing hair strands is one of my favorite things to do,” she said.

Tom Hanks plays Woody from “Toy Story.”

Tom Hanks plays Woody from "Toy Story."

“I’m sorry to confess I don’t truly have a regular practice or routine,” Crystal says of her creative approach (I probably should, though). Inspiration comes to me at odd hours of the day, and it’s usually something from the current zeitgeist. I would add, though, that once I get an illustration concept, I usually sketch it out in a notebook or start working on it in Photoshop if I’m already at my computer. Then I go back over my initial sketch and polish the drawing. On my Instagram profile, you can view some process videos!”

Kelly Macdonald in the role of Merida in “Brave.”

Kelly Macdonald in the role of Merida in "Brave."

Crystal has created several comics in various genres aside from being a voice actress for Disney characters. Bored Panda also mentioned another of her series, in which she chose to combine two of the public’s favorite things: Baby Yoda and Disney Princesses. These amusing photos have been circulating the internet, and they have received a lot of attention. Crystal informed us about her plans for the future: “For the time being, I want to continue doing comics. Perhaps I’ll write a book of my own in the future. Who knows what will happen!”

Mandy Moore As Rapunzel From “Tangled”

Idina Menzel plays Elsa from “Frozen”.

Idina Menzel plays Elsa from "Frozen".

Zachary Levi plays Flynn Rider from “Tangled.”

Zachary Levi plays Flynn Rider from "Tangled."

Tim Allen in “Toy Story” as Buzz Lightyear

Tim Allen in "Toy Story" as Buzz Lightyear

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