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‘I have fake teeth and wear lots of make-up – people call me a catfish’

We may go through a few minutes daily brushing and flossing our teeth. However, besides that, most of us probably don’t spend too much time thinking about them.

Yet, for one lady named Alicia, teeth have become a huge talking point in her life. That’s after she encountered extreme tooth decay during pregnancy and therefore lost her teeth.

Alicia, who is 36 years old, has since gotten snap-in false teeth. And she has been sharing her experience with them via online media, under the name Princess Glitter Head.

The mum of four kids from the US has piled up more than 1 million followers on TikTok. She regularly posts recordings where she removes her false teeth and contrasts what she resembles with them and without them.

In certain clips, she had shown individuals the way she is preparing for the day, with a full face of make-up, hair extensions, fake teeth, and false eyelashes.

Numerous individuals have applauded Alicia for being so transparent with her journey, disclosing to her how lovely she is. But unfortunately, some weren’t so kind in the comments of her clips.

A couple were dazed by her change. They considered her as a “catfish” and said that it ought to be “illegal”.

Another stated: “Absolute witchcraft.”

Another person announced: “For me, that is a false advertisement.”

false teeth
Alicia without makeup (image credits :Princess Glitter Head )

Alicia with makeup (image credits : Princess Glitter Head)

She has since chosen to claim the mark of ‘catfish’. So she has gladly used the hashtag Toothless TikTok Catfish on her posts.

She’s likewise hit back at trolls who criticize her appearance. She says that: “I’m a happily married mother of 15 years with four children and I wear makeup for me.”

“I’m also a make-up artist with similar rights as any other else to wear it.”

Some have also gone to bat for her in the comments. Somebody had commented: “GIRL!!! Killing it! This was fantastic.”

Another asked: “Why people being mean, she is wonderful before and then afterward. It’s not about looks, in any case, looks fade, the character doesn’t.”

Another user added: “YASSS honey!!! Keep doing you!!”

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