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Husband & Wife In ‘Throuple’ With His Best Bud Explains How Jealous They Are.

Husband & Wife,Justin and Katie were married in 2013. And when Katie said she wanted to explore their bisexuality, they teamed up with Justin’s college friend Claire Thornhill.

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The husband and wife, who met in college, are now living together as part of their “Throuple.” Marketing executive Claire Thornhill, 36, and Seattle actor Justin Rupal, 38, met in college and became best friends. Justin met 39-year-old Katie Rupal at his comedy show in 2006, and they fell in love. When Katy and Justin got married in 2013, they talked about what they wanted out of their relationship. Ms. Rupal said she wanted to explore her bisexual side. And Claire, a friend of Justin’s, said she saw and was fascinated by his social media account. Especially after seven years of discussing the topic, they finally met with Mrs. Thornhill.

husband and wife becomes a thrupple

Ms. Thornhill said: “At first, it was surprising that I had never been approached this way before. “Despite all this, I was always amazed. Because I always had feelings for both men and women.” All three say that being in a multilateral relationship is about teamwork and communication, goal sharing, personality traits, and hobbies.


Friends and family are supportive, but they do occasionally get a catcall online or on a troll. Ms. Thornhill said: “As human beings, we can love multiple people completely without losing the love we have for any one person. And we are extremely fortunate to have found each other. “We are proud of our partnership. And also, just want others to know that you should not be ashamed of the people you love.”


They sometimes have feelings of jealousy, and they say that they trust each other entirely and talk about their feelings as a group. On the other hand, Ms. Thornhill said: “Jealousy is a human emotion, and if we say it doesn’t come, we lie, and when it happens, we immediately share it and talk about it as a team. And also, they are currently living together and say they are happy about their future. She said: “If you feel ashamed of who you are or the people you love, know that people like you are there and that you are not alone.”

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