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Husband Sends Passive Aggressive Message To Man Bedding His Wife

A husband reportedly wrote a passive-aggressive note to a neighbour who was sleeping with his wife. A snapshot of the handwritten note was posted on Reddit by an anonymous person from the United Kingdom, and it instantly went viral.

The photo’s caption read:

there was no means of knowing whether the written message was true however it didnt take long for the post to gain over 600 responses from amused forum members.

One remarked that the cheers were a little too passive aggressive. Another person had stated that “many thanks” would set the mood.

According to some other, the message is muddled by “I don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily.” It also puts you at risk of the same problem reoccurring.

A third person said that this letter is pitiful. And he defended himself by claiming that f***ing his wife made him sad.

Another person said that they delivered the message in a great representation of British passive aggressiveness. He also stated that the individual will come to a halt.

It sounds more like “I’m disappointed in you” than “I’m angry with you.”  according to another.

Another stated that he had no knowledge of the issue. However, he stated that he does not believe it would happen once more with the cheater as a married man.

Some, on the other hand, were dubious, speculating that the message was a parody of one that had been posted the day before.

Another reacted to a remark asking for the note’s context by asking if you weren’t one of the thousands of Redditors who had commented to the parking space note. And wondered whether the warn was so sweet that it was an invitation.

Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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