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‘Human satan’ cuts off the nose, remove the ring finger and gives himself tusks in drastic body modification

With a series of surgeries and tattooing, a tattoo artist is fascinated with body modification and has transformed himself into a “human devil.”

Michel Faro do Prado, 44, from Brazil’s Praia Grande coast, has been tattooing for 25 years and has altered his own body in the process.

Michel Faro do Prado transformed himself to a human devil.

Michel Faro do Prado before the body modification

He’s now posted a ‘before’ photo of himself before body modification – and he’s completely unrecognizable.

Michel has lately put silver tusks into his gnashers, in addition to coating his entire body in ink – but that isn’t even the most severe of his alterations.

Michel, who goes under the username @diabaopraddo on Instagram, had his ring finger amputated from one of his hands.

Michel Faro do Prado amputated his ring finger.

Michel, a father, and a husband, can be seen cradling his bloodied, severed finger in his hand in a shot that isn’t for the faint of heart.
The enthusiast also says to be just the third person in history to have the tip of his nose cut.

Michel Faro do Prado's family.

It should be emphasized that the specific process for such a drastic step, as well as the dangers associated with such a treatment, are unknown. Such a technique should not be considered without first contacting a medical practitioner.

Michel Faro do Prado the 'human satan' after body modification.

The curving tusks that protrude from each side of his mouth are his most recent development. Michel claims he only paid 5,000 Brazilian reals (about £790) on them, despite the fact that they appear to be expensive.

Michel has undergone four horns on each side of his head and implants beneath the skin on his forehead, among other surgeries.

His entire body, including his eyeballs, is covered with tattoos, and his wife, who specializes in body modifications, has assisted him in achieving his appearance over the years.

Michel Faro do Prado and his wife.

Michel stated, ” “I’ve been a tattoo artist for 25 years, and I acquire the majority of my tattoos from paid tattoo artists and experts.

“I specialize in blackwork and harsh tattoos, which involve inking a big portion of your body.

“However, my wife is an expert in the field of alterations, and the plan is for me to become her masterpiece in the field of tattooing!”

Michel Faro do Prado and his wife.

Despite the fact that some of Michel’s treatments appear to be quite painful, he maintains he doesn’t mind going through them in order to achieve the body he desires.

He stated, ” “Actually, I have a high pain tolerance and don’t believe anything is very unpleasant; nonetheless, I suffer far more in the aftermath of surgeries than at the time of the treatment.

“And the fact is that there are some modifications that would be very difficult to complete without anesthetic, and I would love not to feel any pain.

“However, if I have to suffer in order to attain my goals, I will certainly do so!”

More info and Image courtesy: Instagram | diabaopraddo

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