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Huge Sea Snake Swims Up To An Australian In Viral Video.

Brodie Moss, an Australian YouTuber, was paddle boarding when he saw a sea snake swimming up to him, which was terrifying.

This video shows how the sea snake swimming towards Moss, putting his head a few minutes on the paddle board and then turned over to leave. The YouTuber is thrilled when he sees the sea snake.

“He comes directly to me… How frightening is it?” Moss can be heard saying as the sea snake swims close to his paddle board in the footage. He added that sea snakes usually avoid people, but this time of year they become “sexually dissatisfied and potentially violent.” He said it’s time for sea snakes to bite human beings.

The video has now been widely shared on social media. Since being posted two days ago, the video has received almost one million views on Instagram. More than 5.8 million times it has been viewed on Twitter. While some internet users were delighted by the video, the majority were terrified by the prospect of a swimming snake.

“Australians are not real people,” claimed one Twitter user, referring to the misconception that Australians have become adapted to the presence of deadly animals.

The video topped the microblogging platform in two days with an astounding 4.9 million views.

See some of the responses it has received:

image credits : @cyanidegrape
image credits : @YSLcheer
image credits : @jvenusxo
image credits : @underscoremarx

What are your opinions on the video? Let us know in the comments.

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