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How Popular Dog Breeds That Have Evolved In The Last Century

Dogs are the epitome of unconditional affection and devotion. A dog is a man’s best friend without a doubt. If you’re worried, it’s because you haven’t yet had the finest friendship of your life. Dogs and people have coexisted for more than 30,000 years. As a result, several popular dog breeds have experienced major transformations.

Dogs have been bred solely for the goal of making money. In certain cases, it has resulted in major health issues for the animals. The method got increasingly complex in the twentieth century as new selective breeding processes were developed. As a result, today’s popular dog breeds may look very different than they did a 100 years ago.

Viraltrendzs has put together a list comparing the appearance of 18 prominent dog breeds from a century ago to now.

More info: Dogs of All Nations

#1 Pug

image credits : Wikipedia Commons

These adorable little ones are about the same size as they were 100 years ago. They were, however, bred for larger eyes and flatter noses. It’s been related to respiratory difficulties and other health concerns, unfortunately.

#2 Bull Terrier

image credits : dogsofallnations

The bull terrier’s face has shortened, but the jaws and bridge of the nose have grown larger. The body has developed a more muscular look. Their legs have reduced in length as well.

#3 Irish Setter

image credits : Wikipedia commons

The Irish setter hasn’t altered much throughout the years. Their coat is the only thing that has changed. They used to have a thicker and longer coat. Instead, they now have a significantly slimmer body.

#4 West Highland white terrier

image credits : dogsofallnations

This sweetheart hasn’t altered much over time. However, the fur has thickened and grown longer.

#5 Old English sheepdog

image credits : dogsofallnations

The coats of old English sheepdogs were shaggier than those of modern sheepdogs. Aside from that, not much has changed in terms of appearance over the previous century.

#6 Basset Hound

image credits : dogsofallnations

The basset hound’s rear legs have become shorter over time. The ears have grown significantly longer. Their skin has also acquired more folds than before, and their face has shortened.

#7 Dobermann

Dobermann’s physique has become slimmer. The ears look to be slightly different as well. They’re also far less aggressive than they were a 100 years ago.

#8 Dachshund

image credits : homedesignfordogs

The face and body of today’s sausage dogs are longer. In addition, the chest has widened somewhat, and the rear legs have reduced.

#9 Newfoundland

image credits : dogsofallnations

Newfoundlands were likely much smaller than they are today, despite their similar appearance. In 1915, the breed weighed roughly 100 pounds, according to “Dogs of All Nations.” Newfoundland breed males may currently weigh up to 150 pounds.

#10 German Shepherd

image credits : Wikipedia commons

German shepherds have grown in size during the last hundred years. Furthermore, their fur has grown more longer and thicker. The skeleton of these gorgeous canines has also changed significantly, and their chests are now broader.

#11 Scottish Terrier

image credits : dogsofallnations

The Scottish terrier’s coat has grown significantly longer. The coat has become softer and more unique in texture. Their coat used to be wiry before 100 years.

#12 Airedale Terrier

These beauties haven’t changed much in the last century. They have got a shaggier body coat and a longer, thicker-haired face.

#13 Rottweiler

image credits : Wikipedia Commons

Previously, Rottweilers had docked tails, but this has all changed. In addition, their coat has become rougher than it was previously.

#14 Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog has grown doubled in size over the last century. The length of its fur has also grown.

#15 Boxer

image credits : dogsofallnations

The Boxer’s physique form has visibly changed. They used to have longer, more downturned features than they have now.

#16 Great Dane

These long-legged canines used to be lighter in weight. Previously, they weighed approximately 120 pounds, according to “Dogs of All Nations.” Males can now weigh up to 175 pounds on average.

#17 Chow Chow

image credits : dogsofallnations

A century ago, these lovely fluffy balls weighed approximately about 50 pounds. They may now weigh up to 75 pounds. Furthermore, the Chow Chows’ faces also have wrinkled during the past 100 years.

#18 Saluki

The Salukis have grown much taller. They too are slimmer now, with larger ears and slender and long legs.

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