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How Jessica Alves’ transformed from a “Human Ken Doll” to a curvy lady.

Jessica Alves has had thousands of dollars spent on cosmetic surgery since she was a teen, and her face and physique have transformed beyond imagination in the last two years alone. The TV star, who came out as transgender in 2020, has spent £725,000 changing every bit of her body since she was 17 years old, and was previously known as the ‘Human Ken Doll.’

Over the years, Jessica Alves has spent a staggering £725,000 on altering her physique.
Over the years, Jessica Alves has spent a staggering £725,000 on altering her physique. (image credits : Splash )
Jessica Alves wanted to become a human ken doll.
Jessica Alves wanted to become a human ken doll. (image credits : Rodrigo Alves )

The Brazilian celebrity, who now resides in London, came to prominence after appearing on reality series about cosmetic surgery junkies, and in 2018 she was featured on Celebrity Big Brother.

She’s even landed a Netflix dating show, in which she’ll tour the globe in search of love – and the father of her child.

Jessica’s most recent operation was a second breast augmentation, which she said would turn her “saggy” DDs into GGs and make them more proportionate to her frame.

Playboy model curves

Jessica modeled her bustier style after Anna Nicole Smith, a late Hollywood actress and Playboy model who died in 2007 after a drug overdose.

“I used to adore her style when I was around 14, she had huge hair, was glamorous, had great breasts, and was simply stunning,” she added.

“I think that’s where it all began; I admired Anna’s curves, femininity, and elegant appearance.”

Jessica has had numerous operations to improve her womanly body since she began living as a woman in November 2019.

She spent £650,000 altering her physique, including removing four ribs and getting ab implants to seem like she had a six-pack, while known as the ‘Human Ken Doll.’

Jessica felt at ease and believed that she was always intended to be feminine after dressed as a lady for a photograph three years ago.

She got breast implants, hip implants, and face feminisation surgery.

Jessica’s jawline, chin, and brow bones were shaved, and implants were placed around her temples to give her a “super feminine” appearance.

Jessica Alves, who was 17 at the time, looked like this before she had any surgery.
Jessica Alves, who was 17 at the time, looked like this before she had any surgery. (image credits :South West News Service )

These photos were shot just before Jessica started on her quest to become the Human Ken Doll. ( image credits : South West News Service )
Rodrigo Alves proclaimed himself as the Human Ken Doll in 2014, after spending over £100,000 on 12 surgeries over ten years. (image credits : South West News Service )
In 2017, Rebecca underwent bottom enhancing surgery. (image credits : South West News Service )
Jessica underwent a hair transplant in 2017, causing her hair to fall to a lower level. (image credits : Caters News Agency)

Jessica got her ribs removed in 2018 to improve her six-pack. (image credits : Barcroft Media )
She was displaying the results as much as she could when they were completed. (image credits : Instagram )

Gender reassignment surgery

Gender reassignment surgery, also known as Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty, was performed on her in February in Bangkok, Thailand.

To construct a vaginal canal, surgeons used Jessica’s abdominal (peritoneal) lining, which is elastic and self-lubricating.

During the six-hour surgery, they also used penis tissue to create a labia and a visible vagina.

Jessica claims she “couldn’t be happier” with the outcomes after undergoing a sex change.

Here’s how Jessica’s face and physique have changed throughout the years.

However, by 2020, she’d sorted her nose out once more and spent another £100,000 trying to appear like Barbie. (image credits : The Sun)
Since transitioning, Jessica has had two breast augmentations and is now a GG. (image credits :  Social Media – Refer to Source)
She claims that she “couldn’t be happier” with her appearance. (image credits : BackGrid )

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