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Homeless Man Identified By His Family After His Transformation Photos Went Viral.

Not everyone is as fortunate as others. They get a bad deal from life and wind up at the bottom of the heap. Their house and family are being taken away from them. To survive and feed, they were forced to cruise the streets looking for cans and other things. João Coelho Guimarães experienced the same thing. He is 45 years old and has lived on the streets for the past three years as a homeless man.

However, his fortune was about to change when barbershop staff volunteered to give him a haircut: “He walked in and we inquired if he was hungry and if he needed something to eat. But he declined and instead asked if we had a razor with which he could cut his beard. That’s when we came up with the idea, and everyone at the business decided to support him in a different manner by giving him a day of beauty,” Alessandro told UOL.

He had a haircut, his beard was trimmed, and he cleaned up at the barbershop, but he also got new clothes: three shirts, a pair of jeans, a jacket, and new shoes. They had no idea that after sharing photos of Joo’s metamorphosis, his family would view them and track him down after believing he had been missing for ten years.

Image courtesy and more info: Padoooficial | Marianosantosbarbearia | Alessandro Lobo

This is João Coelho Guimarães, who requested if he may have his beard trimmed at the barbershop.

We questioned Alessandro, the barbershop owner, a few questions about the occasion, and this is what he said when asked why they agreed to help João: “We chose to assist him since we observed his dire need. Over the last two months, we’ve become friends with him. We greeted him and offered him the complete experience when he requested for a razor.”

The employees there welcomed him with open arms and promised him something greater.

“We have various social assistance initiatives, and it is really satisfying for us to be able to assist individuals, no matter who they are. Many individuals lost loved ones during the epidemic, while others were left with financial troubles. When we inquired if they help homeless people regularly, Alessandro said, “A little support is always nice in such a tough time.”

They promised João  that they would give him a whole makeover.

João was shaved, his hair was clipped, his beard was trimmed, and he washed up.

“The transformation took two hours to complete. The whole crew participated, and everyone contributed in some way, resulting in an unexpected outcome.” Alessandro says Joo had the loveliest reaction when they gave him the makeover. He was really shocked and thankful for the gesture. He didn’t say much, but the tears spoke for themselves. We were taken aback to discover that he was not only attractive on the inside, but also on the exterior.

João had an entirely different appearance by the time the barbers were through.

When we inquired if he knew why João left his family, Alessandro declined, saying, “I didn’t want to delve into the subject of why he left home.” He surely has his reasons, but all we wanted to do was offer him some respect at the time.”

João had an even greater surprise soon after the photographs of the makeover were posted.

His family tracked him down after his photographs went viral, and the barbershop set up a meeting.

“His sister Maria Coelho arrived in haste when she saw the pictures,” said the individual who recognized him and came to see him. She resides in Brasilia, DF, and has been waiting for news about him for ten years. She even believed he had died.”

João was overjoyed to see his family again and to begin his new life.

João’s relatives shared some childhood photographs with him.

We questioned Alessandro what João is up to these days, and he said, “João is still on the streets.” His sister wanted to greet him and drive him home, but he refused. He claims that he feels free on the streets. That’s why he refused to return home.”

Let us hope that this change heralds the start of a brighter time for João .

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