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Woman Discovers a Hidden Basement In Her House. Is The House Haunted?

We Viraltrendsz, have brought you something scary about a hidden basement found by a woman in her house.

A few months ago this woman discovered a hidden basement in her house. After discovering it she was forced to move away from her property. The woman and her family have been facing various paranormal activities which made them move away.

The woman says that she and her family decided moving to a new house is after finding this creepy basement under a carpet in her house.

Before she went to replace the carpets on the ground level, the mother of one had no clue the cellar existed.

She was able to share the moment when she discovered the hidden basement where they found a door disguised to the floor which they never knew.

After opening the door they discovered a set of stairs which led to some discarded objects, a fuse box and a water tank.

Her discovery went viral, with more than 13 million people watching this unrealistic moment where she and her family discovered this scary basement.

Hidden Basement
image credits: Mirror.co.uk

She shares the dreadful incidents happened after finding this hidden basement.

After some time she finds some unusual incidents happening within the house.

The woman in @unfortunateexistence, says that her family were so much interrupted by the basement. Also she says “Things have been really f***** since we opened that door.”

“Where do I begin? Ever f****** light on at three in the morning, every day after that.”

Hidden Basement
image credits: unfortunateexistance/Tiktok

“My daughter isn’t sleeping alone anymore.”

“Then there was the mere fact that the feelings had changed, as if it had become an uneasy place.”

“If you haven’t heard, we’ve moved. That was so creepy it wasn’t even amusing.”

“Every F****** thing was happening just like in horror movies, I and my boyfriend had bruises in really weird places.”

Hidden Basemenet
image credits: unfortunateexistance/Tiktok

“We would just smell rotten eggs from nowhere, it usually happens very often.”

“I couldn’t seem to get the smell to go away. My boyfriend and I had not closed the front door, but it would randomly locks itself.”

Finally she added, “F*** that house.”

Below is the full video about her experiences.

Ever experienced any paranormal activity just like her? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.

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