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Guy Marries A ‘Rice Cooker’ And Then Divorces After Bizarre Discovery.

Even though your spouse isn’t really human you can marry a lifeless item, such as a dummy, a hologram, or a cushion. There are some who have the audacity to express their unique perspective to the rest of the world. Viraltrendzs have brought a story about an Indonesian man who has formed a marital bond with a rice cooker.

image courtesy : Khoirul Anam

 Khoirul Anam wedded his rice cooker in a wedding that went viral.
 Khoirul Anam wedded his rice cooker in a wedding that went viral.

Khoirul Anam, an Indonesian guy, has caused a sensation on social media by marrying his cooker. The week before, Khoirul Anam published a collection of photographs of himself suited up in fancy bridal finery for the event. Mr. Anam’s white rice cooker which he married was also dressed up for the event, with a silky white veil draped over it.

He uploaded photos of them seated beside each other during the wedding ceremony on Facebook. He is seen kissing the cooker in one of the photos. In another photo, he signs their marriage documents with the rice cooker next to him. In a short commentary that accompanied the photo, Mr. Anam claimed why he chose to marry his rice cooker.

 Khoirul Anam wedded his rice cooker in a wedding that went viral.

That is because it was “Fair, obedient, loving, and good at cooking”

The photos drew a lot of attention on Facebook, with almost 10,000 “likes” more than 1200 comments.

As weird as it seems, the tale became even worse when Mr. Anam ‘divorced’ the cooker four days after, claiming it can only cook rice. The divorce was publicized on Facebook by an Indonesian guy.

Obviously, the marriage and later divorce were all staged for the sake of amusement on social media. According to local news sources, Mr. Anam is a well-known Indonesian celebrity who performs bizarre acts for the amusement of his fans. His ‘marriage’ to the rice cooker caused quite a buzz, so it appears that he was successful in his goal of going viral stardom.

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