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The woman grew up with three fathers living in the same house. That’s Weird!

Tiktok user Raquel Soyka grew up with her mother and three different people. They all called him Dad. She did not learn who her birth father was until she was ten years old. Raquel grew up with her three fathers, which’s a bit confusing, let’s see how it goes.

In this day and age, there is no such thing as a ‘normal family. You have some traditionally made up of mom, dad, and two kids, but they are in the minority these days. 

However, one woman who grew up far from the normal family dynamics did not know that living under our same roof with her mother and father was by no means strange.

Raquel Soyka went to Tik Tok after responding to an open call about living with three fathers simultaneously. “Tell me something you thought your family was growing upon.”  

photo courtesy: Raquel Soyka / TikTok

Raquel Soyka
grew up with three fathers

“So, the first thing that comes to mind is having three dads under one roof; my mom and I, my mom’s first husband Bill Daddy, my mom’s second husband Daddy Rich and my daddy Pete, living together for years,” she said

“I started going to friends ‘houses, and then I saw that some of their mothers were remarried. I like,’ Oh, where is their first husband?

Raquel added: “I wish my mom’s first husband, current husband, and my dad lives under the same roof. I thought everyone was doing it, and I thought it was normal, like, ‘That’s not normal, Raquel.’ 

After many questions from confused followers, Rachel explained that her mother married Bill Daddy at the age of seventeen, had a child with him, and later divorced before meeting Daddy Rich. Her mother had two babies with Daddy Rich before the divorce.

Rachuel’s mother later went to a bar at 44, where she met Daddy Pete and became pregnant with Rachel. However, after she was born, her mother remarried Daddy Rich.

Daddy Pete and Bill Daddy had several health problems, and they came to live together when they needed help caring for them. So Rachel’s mother offered to take them – with the consent of her husband, Daddy Rich.

Rachuel, however, was raised by all three men like their father, and it was not until she was ten that she learned that Daddy Pete was her birth father. However, Daddy Rich, her mother’s second and current husband, honor for her care.

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