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Granny, 61, And Her 24-Year-Old Hubby Plan Their First Kid

Quran McCain, a 24-year-old guy, has said that he and his 61-year-old wife Cheryl McGregor are hoping to have a baby soon. At the tender age of 15, Quran met his future wife, who was living in Rome, Georgia at the time. And it was back when the two of them were employed for the fast-food chain Dairy Queen. However, it was not until long later that love sentiments began to bloom.

There is a 37-year difference in age between the two people. They’ve been together ever since and were married in last year’s fall. And they believe that now is the ideal moment in their lives to begin a family. This is despite Cheryl’s already having seven children and seventeen grandkids. The couple tied the knot in September 2021, and it has only been a few months since they have planned to have their first kid.

image credits : Quran McCain / SWNS

As a grandmother, Cheryl has seven children and 17 grandkids. She’s 61 years old. But they think they are entitled to have children of their own. The couple has previously attempted to become parents, but they do not believe it is a viable choice due to Cheryl’s older age.

Rather, they plan to use a surrogate or adopt a child.

Quran went on to say that they favor surrogacy. But we have encountered a number of parents who have been engaged in legal issues long after the kid has been delivered. There is a need for a pleasant surrogate who is prepared to sign a contract stating that she will have no further involvement with the kid once the child is delivered.

image credits : Quran McCain / SWNS

As Quran stated, they do not want anybody to attempt to produce a kid for them just for financial benefit. They don’t have much in the way of financial resources of their own.

With adoption, they’re hoping to find a mixed child. That way, he would be aware that his parents are half black and half white. So, he’ll believe they’re his biological parents.

In the past several years, both of Cheryl’s daughters have had hysterectomies. When it comes to being as near to a biological kid as possible, then they would have been the ideal choice.

Cheryl went on to say that if she isn’t there, he can do it. She believes he’ll be a wonderful parent since he’s a mature and responsible young man. It is understood by both that she may not be there for the same amount of time as Quran, yet she has trust in him anyway.

image credits : Quran McCain / SWNS

When it came to their child’s upbringing, she had complete trust in his ability to do a fantastic job. While at first, they were skeptical, their family is now completely on board with the couple’s decision to have a baby.

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