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In New York, Google opens its First Brick and Mortar Retail Store.

In an attempt to bring its different hardware offerings in front of customers, Google established its first retail store in New York City on Thursday, June 17.

In New York, Google opens its First Brick and Mortar Retail Store.
Image credits: industry-update.com

Last May, the firm announced the opening of a store in Chelsea, New York. Clients would be able to try out Pixel phones, Nest home security systems, Fitbit gadgets, and Pixelbook PCs. They can also meet workers for troubleshooting, repairs, and installations.

Google said, “The new Google Store is an important next step in our hardware journey of providing the most helpful experience of Google, wherever and whenever people need it.”

According to CNBC reports, in a press conference earlier this week, the business said it aimed to create a space where customers could try out all of its products and see how they interact.

The store includes curated rooms that showcase the Pixel phone’s night vision camera and the Nest hub’s smart screen, and also experiences centered on the company’s services, such as a “imagination space.” Customers can whisper a phrase and have it whispered back to them in 24 languages, with text displayed on a screen via Google Translate.

Customers can take part in various different sessions on how to sessions and other workshops that includes products of the company.

Necessary Covid-19 guidelines will be followed by the store. The number of customers in the store will be limited at the same time. Employees are required to wear face masks.

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